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Security and confidentiality are essential when it comes to any purchase, especially those that take place on the internet. The smurf account selling business is as big as ever, as there are hundreds of websites that sell these accounts and the demand only keeps rising. Unfortunately, buying a new account can be very risky which is why it’s crucial to entrust your private information and money to the right seller.

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#1 Turbosmurfs

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Overall grade: 10/10

The price – 10/10

In recent years, Turbosmurfs have set a trend when it comes to the cheapest smurf accounts on the market. Their offer of smurf accounts, both handleveled and botted, is by far the most affordable one on the market.

Account diversity – 10/10

The diversity of their available accounts is top-notch, as you can find highly customizable accounts for every LoL region in existence. Additionally, you’ll find handleveled accounts with high MMR among their selection, which have a 0% chance of being banned because of botting. Furthermore, you can equip your smurf account with a pre-selected skin of your choice, allowing you to play your favorite champion with the skin

Account availability – 10/10

The word “out of stock” doesn’t exist when it comes to Turbosmurfs, as they always have smurf accounts with fresh MMR ready for every region, even the smallest ones such as Turkey, Brazil, or Russia.

Payment security – 10/10

You won’t find any trouble safely paying for an account on their website as they allow numerous secure payment options that ensure your privacy.

Account security – 10/10

Apart from selling handleveled accounts which are a great investment as you’ll never get banned for illegitimate leveling, Turbosmurfs also offer warranties on all of their accounts,s that ensure you’ll get a replacement should your account get banned for botting.

Customer service and staff – 10/10

Their staff and employees are some of the friendliest and kindest out there, and you’ll quickly find a resolution to any issue you may encounter while browsing their website. Furthermore, unlike any other smurf-selling company, they offer various giveaways in the form of free smurf accounts and free skins as a way to give back to their community.

#2 HappySmurf

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Overall grade: 6/10

The price – 6/10

Happy Smurfs’ account prices are among the most affordable ones on the market, especially when it comes to botted accounts. They offer stellar deals on accounts that have a lot of BE which is useful if you’re someone who requires a large number of champions before you start smurfing.

Account diversity – 3/10

This website, sadly, severely lacks variety as Happy Smurfs offer only botted accounts equipped with differing amounts of BE. You won’t find any skin or handleveled accounts on this website which can be quite annoying.

Account availability – 1/10

Undoubtedly the biggest downside of this website is the lack of account availability. While shopping here, you’ll unfortunately only find EUW, NA, and EUNE accounts which can be a dealbreaker if you weren’t planning on smurfing in the biggest regions.

Payment security – 8/10

You won’t have any issues or face any risks in terms of personal information as you can use PayPal among many other secure payment channels when buying smurf accounts here.

Account security – 5/10

If you buy a smurf account from this company, you’ll receive the regular warranty which provides you with a replacement account. Sadly, you won’t find any 100% secure accounts on this website as they don’t sell Chandleveled accounts at all.

Customer service and staff – 7/10

Finding help is easy on this website as there is a live chat option that is extremely useful if you’re having trouble during the purchasing process. Their staff can also be contacted through email and Discord and they’re generally very friendly and helpful.

#3 BoostRoyal

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Overall grade: 6/10

The price – 3/10

In general, their prices are steep, especially when you compare the prices of their basic smurf accounts to those of their competitors. Their handleveled accounts are also a bit more expensive than usual.

Account diversity – 7/10

One of Boost Royal’s main selling points is its unique account offer and general diversity. You’ll find all of your regular variations of botted smurf accounts much like anywhere else, along with handleveled accounts on numerous regions. Furthermore, they sell high MMR smurf accounts as well as pre-ranked and high elo accounts.

Account availability – 4/10

You’re out of luck if you’re looking to buy an account and start smurfing in a smaller region as this website doesn’t sell accounts in regions such as Turkey and Russia.

Payment security – 6/10

As far as payment security goes, you shouldn’t worry as this company allows plenty of secure options such as Paysafe, Skrill, and Sofort, with the only downside being the lack of PayPal.

Account security – 7/10

In terms of account security, this company takes good care as you’ll get a replacement account if your botted account gets banned. Additionally, if you want a completely secure experience while smurfing, you can purchase handleveled accounts they offer that won’t get banned for botting.

Customer service and staff – 4/10

Plenty of customers have expressed frustration when dealing with Boost Royal’s customer support through reviews, saying that the service was slow and they’ve waited a while for a resolution.

#4 ElDorado

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Overall grade: 5.5/10

The price – 5/10

El Dorado acts like a marketplace host for numerous sellers that sell their smurf accounts, so the prices are all over the place. You can find very good deals and rip-offs as well, depending on your luck and how hard you try searching.

Account diversity – 7/10

One of the main advantages of a marketplace like this is the fact that rare accounts and unique smurf accounts frequently appear on sale. This website often sells seasoned Challenger accounts, accounts with extremely rare unobtainable skins as well as smurf accounts with extremely high MMR.

Account availability – 7/10

Because El Dorado is such a vast marketplace, you’re very likely to find an account catered to your needs in any region you desire.

Payment security – 7/10

Fortunately, payment methods aren’t an issue when it comes to this site as they allow secure payment options such as Skrill and Crypto.

Account security – 1/10

Sadly, the biggest deterrent to buying accounts from this website is the fact that a lot of the accounts are extremely bannable. Sellers often don’t include any warranties as a part of their offer and a lot of the accounts you encounter will be banned shortly after the purchase. Additionally, a lot of the accounts sold on this marketplace are obviously stolen or hacked into which always leaves a risk that the original account owner will change the credentials.

Customer service and staff – 3/10

A lot of the public reviews regarding the website leave a lot to be desired. Plenty of customers have raised their concerns against the staff that often doesn’t appropriately address the fact that sellers scam buyers and don’t provide refunds where needed.

#5 Unrankedsmurfs

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Overall grade: 5.5/10

The price – 1/10

Unranked Smurfs is one of the sites whose smurf quality certainly isn’t proportionate with the prices they’re demanding. While they possess a lot of quality smurf accounts in their offer, they are usually asking double the prices of their competition.

Account diversity – 7/10

Diversity is one of this website’s strong points as they sell various types of accounts, including PBE accounts which are hard to come by. Furthermore, you can find handleveled accounts as well as rare skins accounts that are equipped with legendary skins such as PAX Jax, PAX TF, or Black Alistar.

Account availability – 4/10

Unfortunately, there are quite a few regions that are unsupported by their smurf accounts as they only sell accounts for the largest regions. Additionally, accounts in the main regions are often out of stock for longer periods of time.

Payment security – 2/10

Secure payment is quite a large issue when it comes to UnrankedSmurfs as they don’t include PayPal or Crypto as a viable payment option.

Account security – 6/10

All of their smurf accounts possess lifetime warranties which ensure you’ll be reimbursed with a new account should your smurf gets banned.

Customer service and staff – 2/10

Generally speaking, customer service is a large issue when it comes to this website, as a lot of customers complained about employees not responding to their emails or refusing to refund them when necessary.

#6 Goosesmurfs

Top 10 smurf account websites. Photo 6

Overall grade: 4.5/10

The price – 6/10

Prices on this website for basic Smurf accounts are affordable, although slightly pricier than the lowest ones for the market. They also sell their unique Iron IV accounts at very competitive prices.

Account diversity – 7/10

One of the finest aspects of Goosesmurfs’ offer lies in the account diversity you will find on their website as they have a broad selection of smurf accounts available. The most notable ones worth mentioning are their Iron, high MMR, and ARAM accounts.

Account availability – 4/10

While they do have smurf accounts readily available for every existing LoL region, the number of purchasable accounts rapidly decreases once you start browsing accounts for smaller regions such as Russia or Turkey.

Payment security – 2/10

Unfortunately, Goosesmurfs only accept bank transfers via Stripe which is one of the website’s major flaws

Account security – 1/10

Sadly, the biggest reason you’d shop somewhere else instead is the fact that the accounts this website sells are extremely unsafe and prone to being banned. None of their botted accounts have lifetime warranties and the warranties they do provide are extremely short and inadequate (3 days).

Customer service and staff – 2/10

Numerous customers have reported negative experiences in their reviews when dealing with this site’s customer support, claiming that the staff was unprofessional and incompetent.

#7 Quality Smurfs

Top 10 smurf account websites. Photo 7

Overall grade: 4.5/10

The price – 6/10

Generally speaking, the prices of this website are a bit lower than the prices you’ll usually run into when browsing smurf accounts. That being said, there still are places that offer better deals on regular smurf accounts than Quality Smurfs.

Account diversity – 1/10

Their overall service falls flat once you try to customize your account as there are very few options that allow you any smurf account personalization. You’ll usually only find botted accounts with 50K-70K blue essence in their store and no handleveled accounts at all.

Account availability – 6/10

Even though there are very few options (only 3 usually), their accounts are readily available for almost every LoL region, including the smaller ones.

Payment security – 1/10

This site should be solely avoided because of the fact that they only accept direct credit card transfers which can be dangerous for your private information. There are no options to pay via Paypal, Crypto, or even Skrill.

Account security – 5/10

When it comes to the safety of your account, there is a chance your account will be banned after some time of usage because of botting. Luckily, this website will provide you with a replacement account as their botted accounts have warranties that the company usually fulfills.

Customer service and staff – 6.5/10

Based on the reviews that the website has and personal experience, their staff is helpful and friendly, although it takes them a while to respond to your messages as there’s no live chat embedded in the website.

#8 Player Auctions

Top 10 smurf account websites. Photo 8

Overall grade: 4/10

The price – 3/10

Instead of selling the accounts themselves, Player Auctions hosts a marketplace that allows various small sellers to publicly offer their accounts. Most of those sellers overprice their accounts by a large margin except for a selected few, especially when it comes to handleveled and skin accounts.

Account diversity – 7/10

Because this website functions as a marketplace instead of a reseller, you can find various unique accounts sold here, ranging from handleveled smurf accounts to ranked accounts equipped with rare skins. Additionally, this site also sells high MMR smurf accounts with large solo queue win rates.

Account availability – 5/10

Even though it’s sometimes tricky to find what you’re looking for in terms of account region and type, this website usually has accounts in every region in stock and available for purchase.

Payment security – 5/10

Player Auctions offer various payment methods, including Skrill, Google pay, and Apple Pay. That being said, the fact that you can’t pay with Paypal or Crypto is a sizeable drawback.

Account security – 2/10

Because this website acts as a marketplace for other sellers instead of selling the accounts themselves, the account security is solely down to the person you’re purchasing the account from. Even though there are legitimate sellers that sell accounts on this website, there are quite a few of those with generally poor reviews and shady selling histories.

Customer service and staff – 1/10

The reviews of this site are full of customers complaining about their poor experiences with the website’s customer support which often refuses to properly cooperate with buyers. Additionally, the buyers often find themselves waiting for a long time until they’re adequately refunded if something goes wrong.

#9 TrueSmurfs

Top 10 smurf account websites. Photo 9

Overall grade: 3/10

The price – 6/10

Even though they’re a bit higher than average, the prices for basic smurf accounts are fairly reasonable on this website. Additionally, the prices for their unique bronze IV 0 win rate accounts are also relatively low.

Account diversity – 1/10

Sadly, there is not much to say about the diversity of the accounts you’ll find in this store as the offer is pretty basic. The only unique aspect of their offer lies in the fact that they sell low bronze smurf accounts with low MMR which are almost always unavailable.

Account availability – 1/10

Undoubtedly the biggest flaw when it comes to True Smurfs is their lack of account availability. Regardless of the type account you’re looking for, you probably won’t find it as almost 80% of the store is permanently out of stock.

Payment security – 5/10

The payment options are a bit of a mixed bag since the company allows PayPal transfers, but does not support Crypto payment or Skrill.

Account security – 3/10

All of their accounts are equipped with warranties, but they have been known to be slow in the process of replacing accounts that end up being banned.

Customer service and staff – 3/10

While their customer service support is active on their Disord server as well as Twitter, the absence of a live chat support option while you’re purchasing an account can be very annoying.

#10 Ranked Kings

Top 10 smurf account websites. Photo 10

Overall grade: 3/10

The price – 3/10

Ranked Kings’ account fees are a bit higher than the average market price for smurf accounts, especially when it comes to accounts that have large amounts of blue essence.

Account diversity – 2/10

This website only sells the most basic smurf accounts equipped with blue essence and there are very few options when it comes to account customization. They also offer little to no variation of the regular BE smurf accounts and they sell no handleveled accounts at all. When it comes to diversity, the only saving grace regarding this website is the fact they sell skin accounts in a few regions.

Account availability – 1/10

If you’re planning to purchase a smurf account in one of the biggest regions (NA, EUW), you’ll most likely find a few accounts available in the store. However, if you’re looking to start smurfing on a smaller region, you’ll soon realize that all of the accounts are out of stock or that there are very few of them available.

Payment security – 7/10

Ranked Kings do a good job when it comes to payment security as they permit all of the usually recommendable payment methods such as Crypto and Skrill, with the exception of PayPal not being a viable payment option.

Account security – 1/10

Even though the website advertises a lifetime warranty for all of its accounts, the reviews are filled with people complaining that their accounts got banned for botting. Additionally, they’ve often failed to properly refund their customers or to provide them with a new account after these situations occurred.

Customer service and staff – 3/10

While their staff is pretty friendly, customers frequently complained that the account delivery took too long or that they’ve waited for a response from the customer support team for a few days.

LoL Smurf account website tier list

Last but not least, we’ve created a tier list with all of the aforementioned websites ranked based on their quality.

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