Top 10 PUBG mobile tips


If you are a player of the PUBG mobile game, you should check out the following essential PUBG tips and tricks for mobile gaming, which could help you in any match, getting the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner quickly. Ultimately, we guarantee you that these PUBG pro tips will improve your game.

When we set up a dialog with top PUBG players, they shared some PUBG mobile tips with us, and through this article we now share those tips with you, as well as explain PUBG tips n tricks to you, which will surely help you get your PUBG mobile game on.

PUBG Mobile – It’s a big bad world out there

Improving your aim

In the PUBG beginners guide, you should first want to improve your aim. If you are a new player, start by using the practice mode in the training ground. Here, you will get all weapons and can try them one by one with all gun attachments.

You can spray long distances when you work hard for your aim accuracy. For spray, we suggest you use a 5.55mm ammo gun like M416, SCAR-L, and AUG. You will get AUG from the airdrop.

Close range fight 

Another PUBG pro tip is that when you fight at close range, you have an AKM-47 gun, Groza, UZI, vector gun, or machine gun. If you have these weapons, you increase your chances of winning during any close combat in PUBG.

Proper usage of scopes 

Another important PUBG mobile trick, is quite simple, yet so many neglect it. That is, you should use a red dot, holographic, and typically with 2X scope in the close which is less likely to strain your close fighting vision. However, you should use 3X, 4X scope, 6X scope, and 8X scope for spray and long rang shooting.

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PUBG Mobile Gaming Tips and Tricks

Proper use of Hand Grenades and Smokes

Our users ask daily,” PUBG, how to win?

So already we’ve highlighted the importance of carrying a combo of two powerful guns, which granted will give you a much higher chance of winning at PUBG, but let’s not forget the value of properly using smoke and hand grenades.

When you play in solo mode during a match, face toward your enemy’s location and throw grenades long, even if you have no specific targets in sight. Grenades offer immediate high impact, will often draw opponents out into the open for you to shoot down, or more often than not a long-range lob will pick up some quick cheap kills. Smokes are best used as both a distraction, provide you with cover, and equally a well placed smoke grenade in PUBG will cause confusion amongst your opponents that draws them again out into the open.

Grenades in PUBG

Don’t forget under the cover of a well placed smoke grenade, you can revive your teammates or help change your revealed location during the fight.

Give it some smoke! Smoke in PUBG

Ride on vehicles

Although our focus here is a PUBG mobile, the following covers pretty much all platform play for PUBG.

During a PUBG mobile match, you use a vehicle purely as a means to travel fast, and by this, you can save yourself from the enemy’s shots or chase your enemy down. Don’t forget however that it’s easier to spot and hear vehicles coming from a distance. Don’t set yourself up for an ambush, therefore its best to pick a direct course with plenty of clear space.

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Pro setting tips 

Settings all come down to personal preference, and depending on your own setup you may find that your control settings work well for you. With that we always recommend you play around to find the right adjustment for you. If you were to ask what is the most widely used pro settings, here is a list of control settings as suggested by our PUBG pro’s.

  • Always on Gyroscope 
  • Scope on hold 
  • Bolt-Action rifle on release
  • Quick scope switch 
  • Peak enable and lean on hold 
  • And the other main PUBG mobile tip is that you always use the universal mark 
  • Keep looking all around 

In the PUBG tricks list, another vital tip n trick is to ensure you always scan around, looking back and forwards as primarily, players kill you from behind or from the side position. So, remember, check your six!

Always use the eye view option to help you with your enemy position. And through this, you can kill your enemy or protect yourself from them.

Wear headphones

When it comes to key senses, hearing is clearly one of them. A lot can be said for the importance of hearing your opponent’s coming. If you want to be one of the best in PUBG mobile battleground, you really should invest in a decent pair of headphones, as they will help you get clear sound which could be the difference between hearing a sneaky opponent or getting killed.

Like many battle games, sound travels to indicate the direction of shots, aka the enemy. You will find the firing location by listening to the shot’s sounds.

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Gun’s combo

Simple, you should always go for a powerful gun combo. If you can get the Groza and bolt action gun like the AWM, then this will set you up with the most powerful PUBG gun combo. The way it works, is Groza for close-range fights and AWM for long-range distances. Don’t forget the scope settings.

Use level 3 equipment 

As a top PUBG player, you should always use level 3 equipment like a level 3 Helmet, level 3 Backpack, and level 3 vest (Military vest). Through this equipment, you will get minimum damage from your enemy noting the durability and damage reduction figures reduce quite noticeability as you level up through your armor selections.

In addition, another essential PUBG mobile tip is that you always boost your health power. Due to this, during the fight, it will recover your health faster, often providing the vital boost to survive and win.

top 10 PUBG mobile gaming tips - armor stats - level 1 vest - to level 3 vest
PUBG Armor Stats – PUBG Mobile Gaming Tips

There you have it. Doesn’t have to be the most detailed complex article to cover the best of PUBG mobile tactics and gear setup. With these top 10 PUBG tips taking things back to basics makes a world of difference to simplify your setup, tactics and gear. Leave a comment if you liked this article or have any suggestions of your own.


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