Too Hot to Handle: Love is a game is getting added to the Netflix Games library


Too Hot to Handle is one of the most watched and followed reality shows on Netflix with a fanbase spread across many countries. The experience of being the steamy dating reality show is a dream for most of the fanbase and finally, the acclaimed show is getting a mobile game adaptation. As confirmed by Netflix, Too Hot to Handle mobile game is now added to Netflix Games library and fans can play the game starting right now.

Too Hot to Handle: Love is a story-driven title based on the famous show

Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game might sound a bit spread out to the fanbase as the name doesn’t help with the genre of the game. As the developers have described the Too Hot to Handle mobile game seems to be a story-driven experience with a lot of twists, innuendos, steamy moments, romance, Lana in all her glory, and of course the rules.

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Too Hot to Handle mobile game is a story-based game where you can customize your own character from looks to personality, form relationships with other contestants, follow the rules interact with everyone, and win $200,00 as the prize money.

The prize money offered in Too Hot to Handle mobile game will not be real

The Too Hot to Handle game doesn’t involve any real-world money, all prize money is strictly digital and that might be a bit bummer for many, however, it would be appropriated by many as involving real money isn’t something everyone likes. All the other players seen in the game are going to be fictional and the player has to choose throughout the game which would pave the way for the story.

Too Hot to Handle is already a hit show on Netflix right now but its mobile game is finally released timeline after the initial announcement back in June this year. The game is very simple to grasp, players need to compete among the 10 determined singles just like in the show, form relations, interact, mingle and stay celibate till the competition ends to win the virtual $ 200,000 as the prize.

There’s only one up to play the game and that is to get on the good side of Lana the beloved robot sex cop and that’ll make everything a bit more convenient, and to get on the good side of Lana you’ll need to follow the rules of the game and keep playing.

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