Time Raiders: Tips to increase your Character Ratings in the game


Time Raiders is an adventure RPG game developed by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. LTD. This game will take you to the vast eastern underground world to explore it. Search for historical treasures, fight different bosses and have spooky forms, look for unique artifacts that can make you stronger, and also form a team so that you can pass all challenges more easily. In Time Raiders, you need high ratings, but what are ratings? Ratings are a kind of Combat Power that your character has in Time Raiders. Therefore you need to have high ratings to conquer all your enemies, such as monsters, bosses, and bad people. There are many ways to improve it, which we will discuss further below.

How to increase Character Ratings in Time Raiders

Here are the different ways to increase Character Ratings in the game:

1. Crafting your Equipment

One of the easiest ways to increase Ratings is to craft your equipment, especially high-level equipment. In addition to ratings, this craft can also increase your stats depending on the equipment used, some increase HP, DEF, Min ATK, Max ATK, and others.

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To be able to craft, you need Lazurite material, if you don’t have it, you can buy it at a fairly cheap price, namely 150 gold diamonds. In addition, there is also a Bloodstone material with a price of 300 gold diamonds.

2. Collecting various Artifacts

Artifacts are one of the important factors in this game because the rating increase is fairly high. All you need to do is open or buy an Archeology Blind Box for 1 Artifact Voucher for 1x unlock, but we recommend unlocking 10x straight away for the possibility of getting a higher-level artifact. If you don’t have an artifact voucher, you can buy it for 1000 gold diamonds.

Time Raiders Character Ratings
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After collecting some of these artifacts, you can start up with Remnant Scrap material to increase it and when it reaches 5 stars, Remnant Essence material is needed to break through to increase the rank.

3. Increase your character level

There are many ways to level up, we recommend that you do it through the Training Grounds. This method is quite effective and efficient because you don’t need to collect EXP manually.

Time Raiders Character Ratings
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After all, there you can auto-combat and fight enemies automatically and EXP will be collected automatically. Then you can also go through the Tomb King’s Challenge when your rating has met the recommendations.

4. Activating the Locked title

Time Raiders Character Ratings
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There are many titles in the Time Raiders game with various stats that can be obtained when equipping them. In addition, when you activate previously locked titles, you can gain ratings. Therefore you can explore this title because the title provides information and details to be able to activate it.

Final Thoughts

Time Raiders is a game that is quite dependent on ratings, because the higher the ratings, the stronger you are. An example is when you want to join a clan, a minimum rating is usually required. Therefore, you can apply some of the methods that we have summarized.

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