Things That Don't Make Sense In Don't Worry Darling

As intriguing as the mystery in Don’t Worry Darling might be, it doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense. The second movie directed by Olivia Wilde stars Florence Pugh as a devoted housewife living in an idyllic 1950s company town. As she begins to question what exactly her husband does all day, she starts to unravel a conspiracy as she discovers the true nature of the town and her own existence.

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While the movie has been muddled with dozens of on-set drama and controversies between its directors and stars, there’s still enjoyment in discovering the truth behind this psychological thriller. That being said, not everything in the movie quite adds up, and there are more than a few questions that audiences might be left with as they leave the movie theater.


5 The Plane Crash

As Alice rides the trolley alone, she seemingly witnesses a red plane crash in the middle of the desert, prompting her to wander off and accidentally discover the mysterious Victory Headquarters. What’s strange is that no one else seems to see or even acknowledge the crash. In fact, it hardly gets mentioned after the fact.

There’s also a noteworthy observation that the plane looks suspiciously like the one carried around by Margaret’s son. This could imply that the plane crash was simply another one of Alice’s hallucinations, but that would beg the question: what caused this hallucination? Alice’s other episodes only occur after she stumbled upon Victory Headquarters, which may have caused her other hallucinations throughout the movie. This one, however, is left mysteriously unexplained.

4 The Memory Implants

Later on in the movie, Alice attempts to question and expose the Victory Project during a dinner with the project’s leader Frank and several friends. One of the more noteworthy things she brings up is the fact that all of the wives’ backstories seem to be suspiciously similar, including the same honeymoon destinations and the same story of how they met their husbands. Alice later learns that all of these memories are false, implanted so that the wives would forget their former lives before the Victory simulation and not question their reality.

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This is all well and good in the context of a good mystery, but the logic falls apart on both sides. First, why would Frank choose to implant the same backstory into all of the wives? If he could be so smart as to invent an entire simulation indistinguishable from reality, wouldn’t he be smart enough to come up with at least a few different memories for each of the wives? Part of the logic problem falls on the wives as well. It’s strange that only Alice was able to put the pieces together, and even stranger that it took her so long to do so. One would think that the wives would begin to suspect when all of their lives before the Victory Project sound exactly the same. Apparently, though, even someone as cunning as Alice had trouble seeing the connection for quite some time.

3 Shelley Killing Frank

During the movie’s climactic chase, Victory Project leader Frank is told over the phone that Alice is trying to escape. During the call, Frank’s wife Shelley stabs and presumably kills him, proclaiming that “it’s her turn now.” Neither Shelley nor Frank are seen or even heard from for the rest of the movie.

While the supporting characters of Don’t Worry Darling are mostly well-developed, Shelley is unfortunately not one of those characters. Audiences hardly see her prior to this scene, so her sudden betrayal seems to come out of nowhere. Was she planning on taking over the Victory Project? Or was she planning on freeing everyone from the simulation? It’s nice that Frank gets what he deserves, but Shelley’s motivation for killing him is left a mystery.

2 The Real World

At the end of Don’t Worry Darling, it’s revealed that the town of Victory is actually a simulation created by Frank. Prior to their lives in Victory, Alice worked as a modern-day surgeon who frustrated Jack by barely making time for her personal life. Jack then discovered the Victory Project, and without Alice’s knowledge, he puts himself and Alice into the Victory simulation so that Alice can instead live a “happy life” as a housewife.

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It’s safe to say, however, that both Jack and Alice had lives before entering the Victory simulation. Yet, has nobody questioned their absence or tried to find them? It’s not like Alice was a nobody, after all. She was a surgeon, and likely her co-workers, friends, and family would begin to raise questions when she’s been gone for too long. We know that Alice was put into the Victory simulation against her will, which would be equivalent to kidnapping. It’s hard to say how Frank and Jack kept Alice and the other wives secret from the rest of the world, but odds are, the number of cover-ups required to keep something like this secret just wouldn’t be worth the time actually spent in the simulation.

1 The Victory Project

Finally, believe it or not, the central mystery of Don’t Worry Darling is left mysteriously unsolved, which may have contributed to critics calling it “unsatisfying.” Throughout most of the movie, both Alice and the audience are left asking the same question: what is the Victory Project? They’re told that their husbands are working with dangerous materials, and Jack gets promoted from technical engineer to advisory board. It’s assumed that when the men go to work for the Victory Project, they’re returning to the real world.

However, this doesn’t actually answer what the Victor Project is. All the men worked for Frank, but what were they doing exactly? They can’t just be returning to the real world just to go about their everyday business; Jack got promoted, after all. There would be absolutely no reason for Jack to be promoted, or even for Frank to throw a huge celebration for Jack’s promotion if they weren’t actually doing anything specific for Frank. While Alice was able to escape, the true nature behind Jack’s work is left unanswered for both her and the audience.

Don’t Worry Darling is available in theaters.

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