Things A Monster Hunter World Sequel Must Introduce


As Capcom continue to work on other projects within their franchises, Monster Hunter World remains their best-selling title and this is very much evident in the game’s current player count. The game provided a plethora of content for fans to indulge in, specifically with its Iceborne expansion which added more monsters and different sets of armor to grind for.

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Not only was this suitable for players who had completed the base game but was also an encouragement for replayability and new players to experience the game as a complete collection. With Monster Hunter Rise recently receiving its Sunbreak expansion, players will be looking forward to any potential future title whether that is a sequel to World or a new entry entirely.


6 New Weapons

One of the factors Monster Hunter World was praised for was its unique set of weapons and the mechanics within each of them. For players who are unfamiliar with the title and previous Monster Hunter titles, there was some difficulty adjusting to the combat styles and movements in each battle against different sets of monsters.

Capcom has designed the title to encourage trial and error within the practice areas and with each encounter with creatures. What a new entry to the series would heavily benefit from is an addition of new weapons and some of which would cater to helping players that find difficulty, whilst adding a new set of tools for players to use against new enemies.

5 Skippable Cutscenes

Many fans will be aware of the more frustrating feature in this title, which left players forced to sit through cutscenes even if they are on a second playthrough. Whilst this can be fixed now thanks to the modding community, it is still something Capcom should take into consideration as not all players are interested in the title’s story but rather the hunts.

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This is dependent on the development choices Capcom decides to implement in this within a potential sequel, but fans who can’t wait will have to rely on mods at this point in time. Considering the fact that these cutscenes only appear after each monster encounter, this may not be seen as a major factor for some fans.

4 Overhauled Matchmaking System

The biggest issue Monster Hunter World contained in the eyes of many players was its matchmaking system. In order to join other players’ hunts, a quest would need to be posted on the quest board in order for friends to now join. For players helping newcomers, they are forced to wait until their cutscenes are played through until they can finally join.

This is much different from many other multiplayer titles and their simple systems of joining a lobby and being able to interact with each other similar to Destiny. Whilst this ‘Tower‘ like feature certainly is present within the game’s gathering hub, it appears as a lot less necessary and more of an effort to get done. In order to alleviate this in a sequel, Capcom must make this much more simplistic and once players join a lobby, all should appear in the same presence, which would ultimately allow for much smoother matchmaking.

3 Faster Running Animation

While Monster Hunter World certainly features some of the best animations particularly when it comes down to combat and other maneuvers, the running animation seems like it’s a jog rather than a full sprint from the player’s character. This also comes with a massive amount of stamina expelled depending on whether characters have eaten before a hunt, and depletes at a quicker rate during battle.

Capcom has almost certainly implemented a quicker drained stamina system as a gameplay mechanic, as this adds to the challenge and thought-provoking processes in the midst of taking on each monster. Whether improving this animation into a full-fledged sprint will drastically change this, is down to developers.

2 Voice Lines

Along with the frustration of not being able to skip cutscenes, is the unrealistic ones in which the player’s created character remains silent through every part of the dialogue. This has recently been introduced in Monster Hunter Rise with a different number of choices for voice types and gestures.

Not only does Capcom now have the foundation built for this, but they now have the opportunity to heavily improve this even further for a World sequel, to provide the best customization in the specific region that fans have ever been able to experience before. This would add more incentive for some who may spend less time customization the physical appearance of their characters to take it much more seriously.

1 Animation Variation/Options

Just similar to the addition of voice samples in Monster Hunter Rise are the new sets of options in animations for weapon strikes and damage reactions. Considering how recent Rise still is, fans will expect to see another entry in the franchise much later down the line based on the gap between World and Rise‘s releases.

This will give Capcom the required amount of time to produce the most ambitious and optimal Monster Hunter experience, given the number of impressive features in all the titles so far.

Monster Hunter Worldis available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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