The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises


The final battles are over at Singapore Indoor Stadium and Dota 2 fans have already found out the names of the new owners of Aegis of the Champions. The International 11 has brought lots of bright emotions, which, unfortunately, have not always been positive. We will traditionally tell you about how the main esports tournament of 2022 was carried out, what teams have pleased us with their performance, and the new world champion.

The group stage

The tournament started with the group stage, which was organized by the PGL studio. 20 teams were fighting in two groups. Besides the playoff seeding, the bottom two teams from each group were eliminated from the tournament.

Group А

Tournament table:

BetBoom held the last place with the result of 0-5-4, which was pretty predictable. The Russian club was demonstrating a weak performance.

After being signed by the esports organization Soniqs, the Quincy Crew roster was not able to achieve the tournament objectives. YawaR and the team also left TI 11 among the first. As a result, Soniqs announced the disbandment of the Dota 2 roster.

Group B

Tournament table:

TSM, just like BetBoom, did not win a single bo2 series in 9 matches. The American team can’t be called a weak representative of its region but they obviously stood out among the rest of the participants at the world championship. But not in the best way.

Before the tournament, Talon Esports had surprised with their hiring of Andrii ‘ALWAYSWANNAFLY’ Bondarenko as a coach. According to the players of the Southeast Asian team, the Ukrainian veteran of the Dota 2 scene has helped the team significantly. ALWAYSWANNAFLY arrived in Singapore on the second gaming day and Talon Esports pleased us with their performance from time to time. But 23savage and the team lost a tiebreaker against Entity and went home.

Having placed 17th-20th, Talon Esports, TSM, Soniqs, and BetBoom Team have earned $47,228.

The Playoffs

13th-16th place — Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic, Team Spirit, Hokori — $283,931

A real tragedy has happened with Royal Never Give Up at The International 11. The champions of China were considered to be one of the favorites of the world championship. Almost all members of the team got COVID-19 during the group stage. Due to this, RNG moved to the lower bracket. In a bo1 series, xNova and the team lost to Entity and were eliminated from The International. The battle took a long time, but RNG performed decently, despite their players’ condition. This is another reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over.

Fnatic played well in the group stage but they lacked a bit to proceed to the upper bracket. Jaunuel and his teammates were defeated by Gaimin Gladiators in the loser’s bracket and also held the 13th-16th place in the tournament.

The champions of The International 10, Team Spirit have become the main disappointment of The International 11. YATOROGOD and the team had a good season, having prevailed at PGL Arlington Major 2022. The team was coming to the championship in good gaming shape. The statistics of 1-7-1 did not allow it to begin the playoffs in the upper bracket and have a right to make a mistake. BOOM Esports sensationally defeated Team Spirit in 40 minutes and left them without an opportunity to defend their title. Miposhka and the team were expected to perform way better.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 2

Hokori has made it to The International through the regional qualifiers. The representatives of South America were a pleasant surprise in the group stage, winning maps against PSG.LGD and Royal Never Give Up. Having advanced to the lower bracket, Gardick and the team were opposing beastcoast in the South American derby. Their colleagues were stronger and sent Hokori back home.

9th-12th place — Entity, Gaimin Gladiators, BOOM Esports, Evil Geniuses — $378,612

Entity did not stand out with their remarkable play on the group stage. The victory over Talon Esports in the tiebreaker allowed it to proceed to the lower bracket of the playoffs. Having defeated RNG in a competitive battle, Fishman and the team faced Team Liquid. Entity was not able to beat the future bronze medalists of The International 11 and finished their participation in the tournament.

Another European club stopped in the 9th-12th place. Gaimin Gladiators received a slot in the tournament due to the sum of DPC points they had earned. The team had a pretty weird group stage, having finished the statistics of 2-4-3. Seleri and his teammates faced Fnatic in the lower bracket. GG achieved victory over the representatives of Southeast Asia in a bo1 match. Unfortunately, the two-time world champions, the team OG, were their next opponent. Gaimin Gladiators were defeated with a score of 1-2 by OG and left The International 11.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 3

BOOM Esports’ road to the playoffs was pretty complicated. The team, which had held leading positions in its region, achieved only one victory, three draws, and five losses. Due to this, BOOM had to play a tiebreaker against BetBoom Team and Soniqs. Yopaj and the team defeated their opponents and earned a slot in the loser’s bracket. BOOM Esports sensationally defeated Team Spirit, the champions of The International 10. But PSG.LGD left no chance to BOOM and their journey in Singapore was over.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 4

The leaders of the North American region, the team Evil Geniuses faced the Peruvian curse at The International 2022. Arteezy and the team played perfectly in Group A. The result of 7-0-2 guaranteed them a slot in the upper bracket. But then, EG lost to Thunder Awaken with a score of 0-2, and the team was defeated by beastcoast with the same result later. There are rumors that the management of the organization is going to build a squad of representatives of South America, considering the recent events.

7th-8th place — OG, beastcoast — $473,293

Many fans placed pretty big hopes in OG. But the team did not meet them. It might be due to anxiety because it was the first The International tournament for all players of the team in their professional careers. Also, it might be because of regular substitutions of the support player during the season. OG managed to proceed to the upper playoff bracket from the group stage. In the first round, Yuragi and the team lost to the future champions, the team Tundra Esports, with a result of 0-2. OG beat Gaimin Gladiators but Team Liquid became an impossible challenge for them. MATUMBAMAN did not want to finish his career too early. The 7th-8th can hardly be called a satisfactory result for such a team as OG. ATF has already left the roster and it is unclear in what form the team will be performing in the upcoming season.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 5

Beastcoast, just like their colleagues from South America, has become one of the pleasant surprises at The International 2022. Stinger and the team did not have the best group stage but they surprised in the playoffs. The team defeated Hokori in the Peruvian derby and beat Evil Geniuses after that. In the match against PSG.LGD, the players of beastcoast achieved victory on one map over the famous Chinese players. In their case, the 7th-8th place is a good result.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 6

5th-6th place — Thunder Awaken, PSG.LGD — $662,543

Thunder Awaken was the only representative of South America, which surprised more than beastcoast. TA finished Group B with a statistic of 2-6-1, having lost to Entity. The Peruvians sent Evil Geniuses to the loser’s bracket in the first match of the final stage with a score of 2-0. The esports club failed to beat Team Secret but Thunder Awaken won one map in the match against Team Liquid. Thunder Awaken improved their play in a year. They placed 7th-18th at The International 10 in 2021, so the 5th-6th place displays the progress of both the team and the region, which can be called one of the best for a reason.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 7

PSG.LGD has disappointed at the tournament. The team was one of the main contenders to prevail at The International 2022 because of PSG.LGD was not just the strongest team in China but achieved victory at Riyadh Masters 2022 and won the silver medal at PGL Arlington Major. Having finished Group B in third place, Ame and the team faced Team Secret in the winner’s bracket. Puppey with his teammates looked much stronger. The Chinese club continued its road to the top of the world championship without the right to make mistakes. The Chinese defeated BOOM Esports and they had the first problems against beastcoast. On the outcome of the full bo3 series, PSG.LGD advanced further. In the Chinese derby against Team Aster, xiao8’s players did not cope with their colleagues. This tournament has become the last one for Faith_bian who announced his retirement. Also, there are rumors regarding roster changes in the organization.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 8

4th place — Team Aster — $1,135,835

Team Aster updated the personal record at The International 11. The team came to the Dota 2 world championship for the second time in its history, having earned enough DPC points in the season. The Chinese club was distributed in Group B. Having lost only to Fnatic and Team Secret, Team Aster finished the group stage 4th with a result of 3-4-2, which allowed them to advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Team Liquid was the first opponent for Ori and the team. The Europeans were not able to resist properly, which led to Team Aster’s victory with a score of 2:0. The Chinese did not beat Tundra Esports, the future champions of The International, having lost two maps in a row. The title of the strongest team of China after the victory over PSG.LGD with a result of 2:0 has become Aster’s main achievement. Having made it to the top 4, the players faced Team Liquid one more time. MATUMBAMAN and the team wanted to stay at the tournament for one more match, so Team Aster went home after the full bo3 series. Last year, Monet and the team held the 13th-16th place, so the progress is obvious. Unfortunately, there was a loss for the roster after the tournament. Ori has announced the end of his professional career.

3rd place — Team Liquid — $1,703,810

Team Liquid was a pleasant surprise. The European team had not the best season. Yes, they achieved good results in the region but miCKe and his teammates had no success at the international level. The road to The International 2022 was long for Liquid. The club placed 3rd in the Western European qualifiers and advanced to the Last Chance Qualifier. The Europeans prevailed in the battle for the last slot against the team Outsiders with a score of 2:1. That is how Team Liquid has become the last participant of The International 11.

Team Liquid played the group stage nicely. The 2nd place with a score of 5-3-1 guaranteed them a slot in the winner’s bracket. But Team Liquid lost the right to make mistakes in the first round of the upper bracket, having lost to Team Aster. MATUMBAMAN and the team defeated Entity, OG, Thunder Awaken, and Team Aster. In the battle of the winners of the Last Chance Qualifier between Team Liquid and Team Secret, Puppey and the team achieved victory in the final of the lower bracket with a result of 2:1. It was the last match for MATUMBAMAN in his career and Team Liquid finished the season on a major note.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 9

2nd place — Team Secret — $2,461,033

Team Secret made it to The International 2022 due to their victory at the Last Chance Qualifier. Puppey and his teammates had a similar result in Group B, just like Liquid. Team Secret beat PSG.LGD in the first match of the upper bracket with a score of 2:0, after which defeated Thunder Awaken with the same score.

The final of the upper bracket was very competitive, Secret managed to win one map against their European colleagues. But as a result, they stepped down to the lower bracket where Secret defeated Team Liquid. It is worth noting how Secret’s play has changed with the arrival of W_Zayac and Resolut1on. The players have breathed life into the team play. But the grand final of The International was the main surprise. Someone was pleasantly surprised but some people were not.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 10

1st place — Tundra Esports — $8,518,822

The future world champions performed decently in Western Europe and placed 3rd at ESL One Stockholm 2022. But Sneyking and the team failed at the end of the season. The 7th-8th place at Riyadh Masters 2022 and the 15th-16th place at PGL Arlington Major 2022 can hardly be called good results. Tundra Esports was the only team in the group stage of The International 11 that did not lose a bo2 match. Saksa and his teammates won Group B with a statistic of 5-4-0.

The team made it through the upper bracket, beating OG, Team Aster, and Team Secret. Team Secret was the only team that succeeded to win one map against Tundra in the playoffs.


Dota 2 fans have witnessed the second grand final in the history of The International, which was over with a result of 3:0. Tundra Esports was beating Secret both individually and during the draft stage. But to be honest, Nisha was doing everything possible to save the situation of his team. Tundra Esports has become the world champion in the pretty rapid grand final and earned the main esports prize of the year. It is a well-deserved victory for the European team.

The review of The International 2022: the failure of Team Spirit, COVID-19, and pleasant surprises. Photo 11

The venue and the organization

The crowd was pretty loud in Singapore but it lacked activity until the grand final. Suntec Singapore was not enough for The International but the final day matches at Singapore Indoor Stadium felt just like the world championship.

In terms of the organization, there are questions regarding COVID-19. A few teams have suffered from the pandemic but Royal Never Give Up stood out among others. It is unknown whether it is personal negligence or an organizational problem but there is a fact. Also, there were in-game bugs. We want to remind you that Dota 2 was released in 2013.


The International 2022 has become a logical ending and the reflection of everything that has been happening in Dota 2 this year. A part of the teams has actually made a sensation but the obvious favorites have failed or not achieved the desired result. The rise of South America should be noticed, the teams from the region made it the top 3 regions in terms of power. Tundra Esports has deservedly become the world champion. But Valve should reconsider its approach to the discipline and the DPC system in general because the significant decline of the prize pool of The International was not an accident.

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