The popularity of casino games with e-sports players


Online casino games have proven to be very popular among so-called e-sports players. One might wonder why. Below you can familiarize yourself with the emerging e-sports world and find out why casino games are so popular among e-sports players. We can already give you a hint: casino games and e-sports have a lot in common.

What is E-Sports?

Electronic sports or E-sports is a collective term for various competitions in computer games, mobile games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The term is said to come from South Korea but is today known globally with popular e-sports games such as League of Legends , Dota 2 and Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. At the time of writing, E-sports is recognized as a sport in at least 20 countries and has around 200 million active players worldwide. Meanwhile, E-sports is a growing market that is expected to generate around $1.5 billion in revenue by 2022.

Mon ga E-sports players stream their casino experiences

The e-sports market is characterized by individuals who are competitive and are very passionate about games. Casino games offer both excitement and challenges, which appeals to e-sports players. Many enthusiastic e-sports players have therefore started to stream themselves when playing popular Slingo online or other casino games. Both e-sports and casino games are social games that are well suited for a wider audience.

Skill and strategy in E-sports and casino games

Strategy and skill is an important common denominator for e-sports and a range of casino games. Admittedly, it is true that regular slot games are mostly about luck. However, it takes considerably more strategy and skill to be successful in strategic casino games such as blackjack or poker. It often takes a lot of experience and skill to become proficient at these casino games. E-sports players often love challenges and are looking for new strategic challenges. For this reason, many e-sports players are attracted by these strategic and challenging casino games.


E-sports and casinos offer intense gaming experiences

E-sports are characterized by fast and intense gaming experiences. Online casino games such as poker and blackjack can offer similar adrenaline-pumping gaming experiences. Therefore, it is not surprising that many e-sports practitioners are also starting to try various intensive and strategic casino games. Furthermore, online casinos offer another important advantage: demo games. New players can test their casino skills risk-free with demo games without risking losing any money on the deal. Thus, e-sports practitioners can learn the basics of casino games in peace and quiet before they possibly start playing with real money.

Cooperation between the E-sports market and the casino industry

The cooperation between the e-sports market and the online casino industry has increased in recent years. This partnership is financially lucrative for both sides as the players in both segments resemble each other. In both cases, as said, it is about competitive players who are looking for strong gaming experiences. Through this collaboration, e-sports players can discover casino games and vice versa. Both e-sports and online casinos regularly organize various competitions with attractive prizes. Even some physical casino halls have started to offer separate e-sports rooms for their customers. The collaboration between these two industries has also resulted in various sponsorship deals. For example, the large gambling site Betay has sponsored the Swedish e-sports team Ninjas in pyjamas. Another example of sponsorship is the collaboration between the Danish e-sports team Astralis and the large betting site Unibet.

E-sports and sports betting

E-sports is defined as previously mentioned as a full-fledged sport. This results in another important link that connects the e-sports market with online casinos. Many gambling sites have a separate section with sports betting. Here players can bet money on their favorite teams and players in the major global sports such as football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and baseball. Quite a few of these sports betting departments also offer eSports as an integral part of their overall sports entertainment. This creates a mutually beneficial interface between fans of traditional sports and eSports.

E-sports and online casinos – two technologically driven industries

The e-sports and online casino segments are both technologically driven industries that combine gaming experiences with the latest technologies . This means that many e-sports players feel at home when they play at online casinos. Online casinos today offer all kinds of gaming experiences in the form of live casinos with real live broadcasts from casinos in, for example, Las Vegas. Furthermore, some gaming sites have started to offer virtual reality casino gaming experiences where players can interact in a digital world that strongly resembles physical casinos.


Several common denominators have resulted in many e-sports practitioners enjoying playing at online casinos. E-sports players who are looking for new strategic experiences can find these in strategic casino games such as poker and blackjack. E-sports and casinos both offer social and intense gaming experiences. A similar customer segment has resulted in increased cooperation between e-sports and online casinos.


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