The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022


In games where you can sell and buy in-game items, the cost of items can reach incredible levels. This is clearly seen in the example of CS:GO with its variety of in-game cosmetics, and especially with knives.

Knives in CSGO are a luxury item. However, they are of different calibers, and there are a lot of cheap ones in the Valve store, but today we are not talking about them.

This TOP shows the most expensive knives in CSGO. We will talk about skins that cannot be bought on the marketplace due to Valve’s restriction (items worth more than ~$1600 cannot be listed on the Steammarket).

When calculating the final results, price tags on marketplaces as of 09/14/2022 were used.

How knives are valued in CSGO

The taste and color of cosmetic items are different. In the case of a discussion of knives in CSGO, the subjective perception and taste of the owner plays a key role, however, there are several parameters that cannot be ignored when evaluating an item.

  • The rarity of the knife. Everything is trite – the fewer copies of a particular knife, the higher its cost.
  • Pattern and condition of the knife. A pattern is a pattern canvas that each knife has, and its state (float) is the number of defects in the pattern. The higher the float value, the more defects the drawing has.
  • Hardening quality. Another obvious factor is that the Factory New hardening looks way better than the Battle Scared.

In addition, the “mode” parameter can be included here. If the conditional Simple uses a specific knife, it can boom among the players and it will add a couple of tens of dollars in value.

Most expensive knives in CS:GO are karambits, butterfly knives, coupons and M9 Bayonet. The rest of the knives are also found in expensive items, but not in such quantity, since they are not as rare as the above.

In addition, the coloring of these knives is very important, the type of wear, which is assigned randomly when dropped from the case. Again, the less often, the better. Collectors also appreciate the combination of coloring in combination with one or another type of wear. In some cases, more wear, in their opinion, looks better with a certain color, despite the fact that a new knife is logically more valuable than a worn one.

The most expensive CSGO knives in 2022

  • 6th place: M9 Bayonet – Doppler Sapphire. Cost – $11,073

Has Doppler Sapphire coloring and 721 pattern. Quite rare, since it is much easier to find 719 or 723 patterns of this coloring on the sites.

The most expensive copy in September 2022 costs $11,073, but on October 5 last year, a similar copy, but with “Factory Only” wear, was sold for $20,372.

The StatTrak version of the M9 Bayonet Doppler Sapphire can cost customers over $15,000.

The item’s wear is 0.07927823, which places it in the Minimal Wear category. And you can get a knife from the chests Chroma Case, Chroma 2 Case, Chroma 3 Case.

  • 5th place: Butterfly Knife – Doppler Ruby. Cost – $11,588
The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022 Photo 2

The expensive butterfly knife has a Doppler Ruby coloring with 726 patterns. It is also quite rare, since you can more likely find its neighbors on the sites, the 725th and 727th patterns, but not the 726.

The StatTrak version of the Butterfly Knife – Doppler Ruby will cost $11,000 for connoisseurs of rare items. On October 31 last year, one of these knives was sold for a record $14,190.

Butterfly Knife – The Doppler Ruby has a wear rate of 0.06512410, making the Butterfly Knife a “Factory New” category. Drops knife from Spectrum Case and Spectrum 2 Case.

  • 4th place: Talon Knife – Doppler Sapphire. Cost – $12,765
The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022 Photo 3

The knife opens the $12,000+ category in the top most expensive CSGO knives in 2022. Its cost is $12,765, and the pattern of a rare Doppler Sapphire knife is 117. It is even rarer than its predecessors from this list, since you can find weapons on the market with a pattern ranging from 113 up to 120 – the task is almost impossible.

Unlike previous knives, the StatTrak version of the Talon Knife – Doppler Sapphire is not too different in price from its usual relative. The maximum value per trade was $11,586 and the weapon was traded between February and March 2022. The knife was last sold for $11,296.


Talon Knife – Doppler Sapphire is one case where an item is more valued with “Minimal Wear” rather than “Factory New” wear. A lot worth more than $12,000 has a wear rate of “0.07684960” and can be obtained by opening Prisma Case and Prisma 2 Case.

  • 3rd place: Skeleton Knife – Crimson Web. Cost – $12,356
The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022 Photo 4

The knife crept up to the mark of $ 13,000 hard earned. This was made possible thanks to the Crimson Web coloring in combination with 216 patterns. It is noteworthy that Crimson Web has a generally small number of patterns and the very presence of Crimson Web coloring is already quite rare.

A common sample of such weapons was sold at the beginning of this year for $12,356, but on April 1, a certain StatTrak technology lover paid $17,000 for a lot.

Skeleton Knife – Crimson Web has a rarity of 0.06431385, which classifies the knife as Factory New. Unlike Talon Knife – Doppler Sapphire, this piece is more expensive if the novelty score is closer to zero. Such a knife can fall out of Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case.

  • 2nd place: Karambit – Gamma Doppler Emerald. Cost – $12,955
The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022 Photo 5

The price tag is explained by the fact that karambit has a rather rare Gamma Doppler Emerald color with a 745 pattern, when it is very difficult to find knives in the range from 744 to 750 on the market.

The record value of the transaction for the purchase and sale of the regular version of such a knife fell on August 19 last year, when the collector purchased Karambit – Gamma Doppler Emerald for $14,367. On November 7th, another shopper purchased a StatTrak version of Karambit, a Gamma Doppler Emerald, for $16,511.

In terms of wear, the Karambit – Gamma Doppler Emerald – is the most “intact” weapon among all those listed in the top. It has an index of 0.05472914 and is of the Factory Only type. Those who like to try their luck can try to knock out such a knife from the Gamma Case and Gamma 2 Case.

  • 1st place: Karambit – Doppler Sapphire. Cost – $13,348
The most expensive CS:GO knives in 2022 Photo 6

Karambit – Doppler Sapphire owes its value to its coloring with 678 patterns. It is rarely found on the market.

The item’s wear is 0.07104546, and the knife is categorized as Lightly Worn. The cost of a skin increases with wear, while similar knives with “Factory Only” quality are priced somewhat cheaper by collectors.

On October 31, 2021 last year, the sale of the most expensive copy of Karambit – Doppler Sapphire took place. The buyer paid $15,128 for the skin. After 2 weeks, a new record was set, but with StatTrak technology. On December 13, the new owner of the StatTrak knife gave $15,892 for Karambit – Doppler Sapphire.

This skin can drop from Chroma Case, Chroma 2 Case and Chroma 3 Case.

The Most Expensive Knife in CSGO History: Karambit – Case Hardened

The cost is over $1,200,000.

The Blue Gem Finished Factory Only quality knife has a very high value, which is 90+ times what we saw in the case of Karambit – Doppler Sapphire.

The path of this extremely expensive knife began in 2016 when the seller asked for $100,000 for it and a buyer was found for such an offer. Now the owner of the skin is a Chinese CS:GO collector with the nickname青い王, and to the last offer to buy a knife from him for $1,200,000 in bitcoins, the Chinese replied that it was too little for such an in-game item.

Pattern 387. The chance of getting such a knife from a box is approximately 1 in 371,000,000. Hence the incredible value of the item.

The story of the Karambit – Case Hardened journey may continue, and there is likely to be a collector who will buy this knife from 青い王 for more than $1,200,000.

By the way, Karambit – Case Hardened can drop from many chests: CS:GO Weapon Case 1-3, eSports 2013 Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, eSports 2014 Summer Case, Revolver Case, Operation Bravo Case, Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, Operation Vanguard Weapon Case, Winter Offensive Weapon Case.


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