The Killjoy guide: control turrets on your way to victory


Killjoy is one of the very first agents added to Valorant after the release of patch 1.05. The sentinel that is highly demanded on the professional stage becomes the key to a team’s success when its skills are used properly.

Collecting information and distracting an opponent is an important function while making a plan for a round. Killjoy’s skills allow you to control the most uncomfortable locations on a map.

In this guide, we offer you to have a look at the agent’s skills and will also talk about how to control Killjoy properly to achieve victories.

The list of Killjoy’s skills


It is a signature skill, which is available at the beginning of every round. The turret helps to control the movements of opponents and damages them. However, this ability disappears when an agent leaves the ability area.

How to use: Press LMB to deploy a turret that automatically detects enemies in a 180-degree cone. Hold the skill button to recall the deployed turret.

The turret is extremely effective during pistol rounds because it is difficult to destroy, and it deals pretty significant damage to an opponent that plays without armor. Besides, the ability to recall the deployed turret after it receives damage allows you to deploy it again with full health points.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — free
  • Quantity — one
  • It has a 180-degree cone and hits a target at any distance
  • One shot deals from 4 to 11 damage points to an enemy
  • The gadget is deactivated when Killjoy is more than 40 meters away from it
  • A turret actives automatically when Killjoy returns to the ability zone
  • Health Points — 125
  • It can be activated repeatedly after 10 seconds of cooldown


The Killjoy guide: control turrets on your way to victory. Photo 2

It is a purchase skill, which costs 200 credits. It allows the player to release a disguised spider bot that will attack all opponents that get in range.

How to use: Press LMB to release a spider bot that attacks enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes dealing damage and applying the Vulnerable effect. Hold the skill button to recall a deployed bot.

A little spider bot can follow an enemy once he gets in range. Although, having exploded near a target, it deals damage and makes a target vulnerable. It means that a spider bot helps not just to detect an opponent but to increase your chances of shooting against him.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • The detection radius is 5 meters
  • It activates automatically when enemies are within its range
  • Duration is unlimited
  • A bot is active only when a player is within a 40-meter radius
  • It can be located at the other place after a 7-second cooldown
  • It is invisible to enemies who are further than 7 meters
  • The 4-second vulnerability debuff doubles the damage done to the debuffed opponent


The Killjoy guide: control turrets on your way to victory. Photo 3

It is a purchase skill, which costs 200 credits. It throws a grenade that is activated by pressing the skill button. All opponents who are within range will receive damage from nanobots.

How to use: Press LMB to throw a grenade. After its landing, the grenade goes covert. Activate the skill to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots.

It is a very useful skill when it is used by a skillful player. Nanoswarm’s main advantage is the ability to activate a grenade at any point on the map. Thus, you can deal damage to an enemy hiding around the corner and also stop a possible rotation on the map.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — two swarms
  • It can’t be restored after activation
  • It can be used within a 5-meter radius
  • Enemies detect Nanoswarm within a 3,5-meter radius
  • The ability actives for 4,5 seconds and deals 45 damage per second


The Killjoy guide: control turrets on your way to victory. Photo 4

The ultimate ability becomes available after the player earns 7 points. It allows the player to detain all enemies caught in the radius after its activation. The skill is extremely effective while taking the bombsite or knocking out enemies in the defensive position.

How to use: Press LMB to deploy the generator. After 13 seconds, the period of activation, the ability slows down and disarms all opponents within a 30-meter radius.

Perhaps, this is the main skill, for which players love Killjoy. It allows you to block an enemy at a certain distance and get an advantage over him. It is important to deploy the generator beyond the opponent’s vision, then the team will get significant chances to win a round, for example, if it holds the bombsite A.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 7 points
  • It requires 13 seconds to deploy after the use of the ultimate ability
  • The range of the debuff effect — ~30 meters
  • Effect duration — 8 seconds
  • Health Points — 125

How to play Killjoy properly?

The Killjoy guide: control turrets on your way to victory. Photo 5

First of all, it is important to understand that the agent and her abilities will not fit a quick play style. Moreover, Killjoy’s skills work within a certain range, so you can’t deploy the alarmbot and go to a different part of the map.

Secondly, a player has to ensure that he is coordinating his actions on his own. Due to the strategic use of skills, you can surprise your opponent. For example, by deploying a swarm or a spider bot near the spike, you can distract an enemy and win precious time.

The main advice that will help to play Killjoy properly:

  • It is not worth deploying Nanoswarm or Alarmbot in default positions of the spike planting while playing for defense. Deploy it a bit further, your opponent should not find “presents” and get into the range of abilities.
  • Use the ultimate skill cleverly. It is not worth deploying the generator in an open position where an opponent can reach it.
  • Deploy a turret in an open place, so it will face opponents as early as possible and provide information about their location.
  • Remember that the majority of your gadgets are fragile and can be easily broken.

Despite Killjoy not being a typical sentinel, the agent’s skills allow a player to help his team in tough situations and win a clutch. The agent’s playstyle is pretty passive and it means that a newcomer can easily get used to playing as Killjoy.

However, a player has to know the maps in detail to use the agent’s skills to the maximum.

In general, Killjoy does well in a key defensive role and is also irreplaceable for an attackin side, while trying to secure one of the bombsites. With her in your team, you can not be afraid of quick and aggressive attacks from the opponent. The main thing is to pass the mandatory training course and find your own features to distract the opponent and win a match.


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