The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review


We continue our acquaintance with the participants of The International 2022. First in line are the teams from the Last Chance Qualifier.

We have already talked about group A at The International 2022: Last Chance Qualfier and, spoiler, we did not find teams there that can qualify for the TI group stage. This means that group B is full of such teams, which means it can be called the “death basket”.

For viewers, watching this is a pleasure. Teams playing in Group B also benefit: the more competitive you are, the better you will be in the group stage. Well, this is subject to success on the Last Chance Qualifier.

We get acquainted with the representatives of Pot B and figure out which of them will make it to the group stage of The International 2022. There are many applicants.

Where they play: South America (SA DPC)

How did you get to LCQ: 2nd place in South America qualifiers

LCQ line-up: Parker, Leostyle-, Frank, Michael-, Accel

The Peruvians from Infamous found themselves in an unenviable situation. Throughout the season, they showed a decent game by the standards of South America and could get into the group stage directly, but they themselves shot themselves in the knee.

After placing 2nd at the Regional Final in the first season of the DPC , the Infamous five finished in the top 5 in the second draw and the top 3 in the third.

The results are good, in the qualifiers to play only with compatriots, there is no Beastcoast in the rivals. What can go wrong?

And there may be a loss in the final of the qualifiers for a team from the second division with a score of 0-3. It’s a shame – yes. Deserved – absolutely.

Fate is a villain, and in relation to Ifamous, it is a universal evil. Once in group B, Infamous are actually doomed to start the playoffs from the lower bracket, where they will not be allowed to go far.

Verdict: TOP 9-12 on LCQ.

The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review. Photo 2

Where they play: South East Asia (SEA DPC)

How did you get to LCQ: 3rd place in Southeast Asian qualifiers

Lineup on LCQ: ana, Topson, kuku, Xepher, Whitemon

T1 has a situation similar to Infamous, but even sadder. Rising high, they crashed with anguish.

TOP-8 of The International 10, the first debut tournament of the series for the organization, is a solid support for further development. T1 did not think so, and the morals of the players overshadowed the potential good of the team.

As a result, T1 completely failed the season in Southeast Asia, the only positive moment of which was the 2nd place at the DPC SEA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Final. Then 3rd place in the second round, 5th in the third and the arrival of two-time champions.

If you make a media story out of this event, you can get a lot of profit, but the fact is that they don’t seem to want to do this. Signing ana and Topson in the plans of the club’s management was to raise them to the same level with the best teams in the world.

Just think, not a single competitive game has been played for two in a year, but the pubs play like crazy. Ceb does it and the Majors win, so we can too.

So far, we managed to take 3rd place in the regional qualifiers, letting the team from the second division go ahead. What to do on LCQ is not entirely clear.

Verdict: a pass to the upper bracket of the playoffs, TOP 5-6 LCQ – pick.

The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review. Photo 3

Where they play: Western Europe (WEU DPC)

How did you get to the LCQ: 3rd place in the qualifications in Western Europe

Lineup on LCQ: MATUMBAMAN, miCKe, zai, boxi, iNSaNIa

It so happened that the behavior patterns of the teams in group B are very similar. Here, take Liquid and T1, and the parallels are drawn by themselves.

“Liquid”, like T1, had not the worst season last year, after which they shuffled the roster. The only correction is that they did it in advance, taking care of the smooth integration of players into the roster.


MATUMBA and zai looked fresh in the first half of the year, and Liquid in the home league was as formidable as ever. Nothing foreshadowed trouble until the away events happened.

The team failed both the Major in Arlington (9th-12th place) and commercial tournaments like Riyadh Master 2022 (TOP-10) and ESL One Malaysia (TOP-12).

A series of offensive defeats, apparently, shook Liquid, and tight competition in Western Europe finished them off. “Liquid” got to the LCQ, they have enough experience, all the pieces are on the table. It remains not to overdo it, get together and play the last one for MATUMBA The International with dignity.

Verdict: a pass to the upper bracket of the playoffs. TOP-4 on LCQ.

The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review. Photo 4

Where they play: Eastern Europe (EEU DPC)

How they got to the LCQ: 2nd place in Eastern Europe qualifiers.

Lineup on LCQ: RAMZES, gpk, DM, yamich, Xakoda

With, who are already and not Outsiders, unprecedented things have happened this season. Someone will say that their entry to LCQ is a mistake or even a hatred on the part of Valve , for someone such an outcome will turn out to be a response of karma to media and “non-esports” activities that have taken place and are taking place while the Russian Federation is invading Ukraine.

Not about that yet, now we are interested in their chances of advancing to the group stage. They are pretty high anyway.

Everything is absolutely logical here: the team lacked 0.5 DPC points for a direct invite to the Group Stage, and therefore there are no questions regarding the game during the season.

Another thing is the performance at the closed qualifiers in Eastern Europe, where the team lost very toothlessly in the final. VP’s roster is young, nerves and a negative background can do their job, but otherwise, I don’t see any reason why VP won’t make it to the group stage.

Verdict: advance to the group stage of The International 2022.

The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review. Photo 5

Where they play: North America (NA DPC)

How did you get to LCQ; 3rd place in the North American qualifiers

Lineup on LCQ: Yves, Alone, Davai Lama, Alexxo, Sammyboy

Wildcard Gaming are the lucky ones. They are in the top 30 most successful teams in the world.

On this, unfortunately for them and their fans, the achievements of WG end. New ones, at least this year, are not expected.

In the home league, Wildcard Gaming struggled and sometimes showed serious results (beat EG, for example). But this is the level of DPC in North America, there is a bigger weight class.

LCQ will be a good experience for WG and may serve as a growth point in the future. If they manage to use it, there will be a chance to move someone from the trio of Soniqs, TSM or EG in their region.

Verdict: Top 9-12 on LCQ.

Xtreme Gaming

The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier Group B Teams Review. Photo 6

Where they play: China (CN DPC)

How did you get to the LCQ: 2nd place in the qualifiers in China.

Line-up on LCQ: lou, Paparazi, old_eLeVeN, Pyw, Dy

Since its inception, Xtreme has been aiming for the top of competitive dota. Having formed the current line-up, the team is close to that.

Everything is simple here – top class players plus a promising Chinese carry. Can you imagine how Pyw and Dy, who took 6th place at the last TI, in the company of Paparazi and old_eLeVeN under Blink in the coach slot, fly past the group stage of The Internationa? Me not.

Yes, Xtreme lost the RNG qualifier final without a chance, and for a year, due to various technical and not very reasons, they failed to attend the only major available to Chinese players, and yet, what can be taken as an argument against Xtreme in the group stage. Otherwise, Xtreme looks like the best team out of 12 present.

Verdict: a pass to the group stage of The International 2022.

Having dealt with the teams participating in The International 2022: Last Chance Qualfifier, the only thing left is to wait. The tournament starts on October 8th.


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