The International 11 (Last Chance Qualifier): Outsiders are the favorites!


The Outsiders team’s path to the upcoming Last Chance Qualifiers at The International 11. One point was not enough for the team to go directly to the TI11 group stage.

Outsiders line-up

  • RAMZES666
  • gpk
  • DM
  • yamich
  • Xakoda

The path of the Outsiders team to qualify for The International 11 (Eastern Europe):

  • Victory in the match with PARI PARNI with a score of 2:0
  • Victory in the match with Mind Games with a score of 2:0
  • Victory in the match with NAVI with a score of 2:0
  • Lost in a match with BB Team with a score of 0:3

Outsiders results this season:

  • 3rd place in the DPC season (First Division) – $27,000 (Online)
  • 2nd Place DPC Season – Regular Season (First Division) – $25,000 (Online)
  • 3rd place at D2CL Season 8 – $7,000 (Online)
  • 3rd place at D2CL Season 9 – $7,000 (Online)
  • 2nd place at D2CL Season 11 – $10,000 (Online)
  • 1st place at D2CL Season 12 – $20,000 (Online)
  • Disqualification in the second season of the DPC – 5th-6th place
  • 1st place in the third season of the DPC (Eastern Europe) – $30,000 (Online)
  • 7th-8th place at PGL Arlington Major 2022 – $12,500 (LAN)
  • 2nd place in qualification for The International 11 (Online)

The Outsiders started the season with illias, but changed it to Xakoda in the first season; yamich was originally. The carry was pure, but after the disqualification, VP kicked him and took RAMZES666. Together with Roman, the Outsiders were the best in the DPC season (Eastern Europe), and also took 7th-8th place at PGL Arlington Major 2022, having been eliminated from beastcoast and lost the chances of qualifying directly to TI11 on points.


The Outsiders went well through the TI11 qualifiers without losing a single map, but in the final they were broken by the BB Team as they won 3-0. It can be seen that Outsiders can be broken, in particular due to the weak laning of RAMZES666 and it is incredibly unstable.

Mini prediction for Outsiders in the Last Chance Qualifier for The International 11

Many people consider Outsiders as the favorites, but they are mentally unstable team, if gpk doesn’t go to the center, then they will be in trouble. There will definitely be someone from the Chinese and someone from Western Europe against them, if there should be no problems with South America and North America, then even the guys from Southeast Asia can remove them.

Outsiders should of course get out of the group, but it will be incredibly difficult for them with Liquid/Secret and T1/Polaris; it makes no sense to even imagine with the Chinese.

Prediction: Outsiders will hardly make it out of the group in the Last Chance Qualifier for The International 11


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