The International 11 (Last Chance Qualifier): Infamous – one of the outsiders!


Top 2 team from South America – Infamous, how far has this team traveled to participate in the most important Last Chance Qualifier for The International 11?!

Infamous line-up:

  • Parker
  • Leostyle-
  • Frank
  • Michael-
  • Accel
  • FalcoStyle (coach)

Infamous results for this season:

  • 2nd Place DPC Season 1: First Division (South America) – $28,000 (Online)
  • 2nd Place Bitsler Cup – $4,000 (Online)
  • 2nd Place DPC Regional Finals: First Division (South America) – $25,000 (Online)
  • 4th place at BTS Pro Series Season 10: Americas – $4,000 (Online)
  • 5th Place DPC Season 2: First Division (South America) – $25,000 (Online)
  • 4th place at BTS Pro Series Season 11: Americas – $3,250 (Online)
  • 3rd DPC Season 3: Division 1 – $27,000 (Online)
  • 5th-6th place in the closed qualifiers for ESL One Malaysia 2022 (South America) – Online
  • 2nd place in qualification for The International 11 (South America) – Online

Infamous showed themselves very unstable throughout the season in South America, first top 2, then top 5, then again top 3 in the DPC, and then just a relegation from the closed qualifier to The International 11; Hokori is an incredibly principled opponent and kryptonite for them, but this team is already at TI11.

It only shows that Infamous have their own problems and Hokori clearly show them, it will be enough for Infamous’s opponents to watch their series with each other to understand the main troubles.


Infamous’ path to qualifying for The International 11:

– Winning the match with the Ravens with a score of 2:0
– Victory in the match with SG Esports with a score of 2:0
– Winning the match with Tempest with a score of 2:0
– Lost in a match with Hokori with a score of 0:3

It can be seen that Infamous has a rather narrow pool of heroes, they run into Morphling/Marci, and Hokori simply takes Ancient Apparation + Terrorblade and sends Infamous to the Last Chance Qualifier. Until the grand finals, Infamous went without a single lost map, and as a result, without a single won map, they flew off from Hokori.

Mini prediction for Infamous in the Last Chance Qualifier for The International 11:

There are no expectations from Infamous in the decisive qualifier, they should naturally fly out of the group stage, it’s hard to understand who they can even take a card from there. The team has 0 experience at LAN events, it played only online and even there it showed itself unstable.

Prediction: Infamous won’t make it out of the Last Chance Qualifier group by TI11


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