The Hottest Trends in Esports Betting


Published 2022-07-31 21:19

Betting on esports are becoming more and more popular. But there are still challenges to be met if you ask one of the leading companies within the industry. Especially when it comes to live betting on esports. 

Needs improvement

As the covid pandemic struck the globe in the spring of 2020 pretty much all sports around the world was cancelled, which also meant that there was no betting on sports. But at the same time esports betting saw a significant increase.

Even though betting on traditional sports has returned, esports betting is expected to grow even more in the coming years. At least that’s what Oskar Fröberg thinks. He is the CEO and founder of Abios, which delivers esports data to a large number of companies within the industry.

In an interview Oskar Fröberg is discussing some of the biggest trends in esports together with his colleague Tomas Ericsson, VP of odds at Abios. Oskar Fröberg believes that one of the biggest advantages for esports betting is that there are always competitions. since the esports scene is not built so much around seasons as traditional sports. But there is also need for improvement in many areas, such as higher uptime, more tailored offerings and live betting.

Live betting – a challenge

Tomas Ericsson sees live betting as the current major challenge for esports betting. Live markets are very popular in traditional sports betting and has a big potential when it comes to esports. But there is one big obstacle, server data.

For live esports betting to work just as good as live betting on other esports, betting platforms need to obtain data from servers. Something that is often hard to obtain, as well as expensive. Since there are a number of different organizers of events in esports, acquiring data often costs both money and time.

Big potential for mobile sports

Another betting market with a large potential are mobile esports, says Oskar Fröberg. Mobile esports have become very popular in recent years. Especially in Asia, with millions of viewers watching the biggest tournaments.

But betting is currently not regulated in China, India and Southeast Asia. This makes betting on mobile esports in those regions almost impossible. At the same time, mobile esports are not wide spread in Europe in terms of viewership and betting.

A new betting experience

One of the things operators are working on is offering new betting products for esports that differ from the ones available for traditional sports. The goal is to make more user-friendly products, but for that to work things like uptime and other metrics must be excellent. Something a younger generation of players expect, especially those with an interest in esports betting.


Written by MrCrug3r

Freddi, or MrCrug3r as he goes by when he enters the digital world, is a Swedish sports journalist with many years of experience within gambling. He focuses on bringing you the latest esports news and the best promos that can be used for esports betting.


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