The guide on Raze — the signature duelist with “explosive” abilities


We continue our series of materials dedicated to VALORANT agents. Raze is the next one — the signature duelist from Brazil who is highly demanded in the competitive scene due to her “explosive” abilities.

In fact, Raze’s all abilities focus on mines, grenades, and usual explosions. It appears that the agent is very useful for both defense and attack because she can not just look for initial shootings and deal big damage to opponents but hold positions.

We offer to talk about Raze — discuss in detail the agent’s abilities and give a few pieces of advice on accurate gameplay.

The list of Raze’s abilities

Paint Shells

The guide on Raze — the signature duelist with “explosive” abilities. Photo 1

It is a signature ability that is given to a player at the beginning of every round. The working principle of Paint Shells is similar to a hand grenade from CS:GO. A player throws a grenade that deals damage to opponents with an explosion. However, it is worth considering that after the first explosion, the grenade releases small shells that will also detonate and increase the dealt damage.

There are a lot of options to use this ability. First of all, Raze can throw a grenade at the places where an opponent can potentially locate. Secondly, we can prevent the quick exit to the spot and use Paint Shells, stopping the offensive.

The grenade explodes at a pretty large range at the same time and it allows us to cover big locations and smoke out opponents from their shelters. Also, a player has only one grenade that is restored after two kills or assists.

How to control: Press LMB to throw a grenade. The grenade detonates after landing and deals damage to opponents who are within its range. Also, it releases small shells that increase damage and the range of the ability.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — free
  • Quantity — one
  • Cooldown conditions — two kills or two assists
  • Detonation time of the main charge — 2 seconds
  • Detonation time of cluster charges — 1,3 seconds
  • The dealt damage — 55 HP

Blast Pack

The guide on Raze — the signature duelist with “explosive” abilities. Photo 2

It is a very interesting ability that has two functions. The first one is trivial damage-dealing to opponents. The second one is an opportunity to do quick movements on a map with the help of jumping.

In both cases, Raze throws a pack that attaches to any surface. When it is activated, it detonates and pushes nearby enemies, dealing insignificant damage to them.

However, many players use Blast Pack to move fast on a map and break through the positions on a map. The ability throws the agent forward and helps to catch the opponent by surprise. The main thing is that the ability does not deal damage to Raze but it is important considering that a player can lose its health points after falling from a height.

How to control: Press the ability button to release a pack. Press the same button to explode the pack and push enemies, dealing damage to them.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — two
  • The dealt damage — 50 HP
  • The damage dealt to items and environment — 600 HP
  • Duration — 5 seconds
  • The maximum damage range — 1 meter
  • Health points — 20 HP

Boom Bot

The guide on Raze — the signature duelist with “explosive” abilities. Photo 3

This is perhaps the most interesting ability. Despite the increased price, Boom Bot can be bought now for 300 credits but not 200, the ability is very important in terms of map exploration.

Releasing a special bot, Raze can reveal opponents because Boom Bot, moving forward, switches to an opponent after detecting him.

Besides, the bot explodes when it contacts an opponent and deals significant damage. In other words, Boom Bot scans the area nicely and holds opponents. However, you should not forget that drawbacks during movements can play an evil joke and the bot will not detect an enemy who has hidden around the corner.


Moreover, enemies can destroy your bot, having shot it a few times, and it will neutralize the effect of the explosion.

How to control: Press LMB to release a bot. Moving forward, it ricochets from the walls, and, having detected an opponent, it rushes to him, explodes, and deals damage after the contact.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 300 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • The dealt damage — 30-80 HP
  • Duration — 10 seconds
  • Health points — 60 HP


The guide on Raze — the signature duelist with “explosive” abilities. Photo 4

This is the ultimate ability that becomes available for a player after earning 8 points. With its help, Raze takes the rocket launcher, which allows him to quickly clear territory and deal irreparable damage to all opponents.

However, the duration of the ability “Showstopper” is limited, so a player has to decide quickly or the rocket launcher will disappear from his hands.

The remarkable thing is that a player can switch between his weapon and other abilities until the timer runs out, so Raze can look for an opportunity to use the ultimate ability for 10 seconds.

How to control: Press LMB to release a rocket projectile that deals massive damage in a large area upon contact with the ground.

Key characteristics:

  • Price — 8 points
  • Quantity — one shot
  • Duration — 10 seconds
  • Cast time — 1,4 seconds
  • The dealt damage — 150 HP

How to play as Raze well?

Just because Raze’s abilities focus on damage dealing, it is necessary to pay attention to current opportunities and neglect the attack in the places of accumulation of your teammates.

However, with the help of Boom Bot, you can explore a map, having released a bot ahead of yourself. Using Blast Pack, a player receives an opportunity to not just push opponents and drive them away but to move quickly on a map.

It is not worth forgetting that Raze is a duelist. So a player has to stay on the frontline and look for start shootings.

The main pieces of advice that will help to play Raze well:

  • Combine various abilities. For example, Blast Pack is very effective when used with the ultimate ability Showstopper. Having jumped, a player will have a full view of the location and he will be able to shoot the target with a rocket projectile. Also, Blast Pack can throw up the Boom Bot, which will thereby quickly find an opponent hiding behind the box and inflict damage on him.
  • Paint Shells can bounce off the walls and other obstacles, which should be considered while throwing. However, shells deal damage not just to opponents but to teammates and Raze herself.
  • Blast Pack does not deal damage to teammates and Raze, so you can use the ability without fear and also throw your teammates.
  • When you activate Showstopper, it is worth following the timer or the ability will disappear from the player’s hands.

Summing up, Raze is a very interesting agent, whose gameplay will not be difficult. In fact, a player can master the abilities and learn how to use them.

However, it is worth being always careful because you can harm your team with the features of the skills. With the help of Raze, you can effectively explore locations and drive opponents away from their positions. But before starting a match, it is worth visiting the training arena and finding optimal combinations for accurate playing.


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