The guide on KAY/O — a battle robot, which can suppress the opponents’ abilities


We return with a series of materials dedicated to available VALORANT agents. It is the turn of KAY/O, one of the latest initiators who deals with his opponent thanks to his suppression powers.

In such a way, KAY/O is an agent who stands out from the rest of the pool with his main abilities. Since the character focuses on the suppression and weakening of an enemy, he needs assistance from his teammates.

However, the developers did not forget to give KAY/YO universal features, allowing the agent to use the power of suppression on abilities, blind, and deal damage to opponents. As a result, players received a nice agent who can perform a few functions simultaneously and add action variability on a map.

Due to this, we propose to talk about KAY/O, tell you in detail about the agent’s abilities, and give advice on how to play him well.

The list of the abilities of KAY/O


This is the signature ability, which is received by a player at the beginning of every round. Having used the ability, a player throws a suppression blade, which suppresses the abilities of the enemies within its range.

With the help of ZERO/point, KAY/O can effectively rush the positions, at which one or a few opponents are located. Having thrown the blade, a player can not just suppress the abilities of the enemies but smoke them out of their positions, receiving an advantage in a shooting.

At the start of every round, KAY/O has one blade. However, the ability is restored every 40 seconds, which makes ZERO/point a serious weapon in an accurate play.

However, you should consider that opponents can destroy a blade before it explodes. So a player has to choose locations attentively to surprise opponents.

How to control: Press LMB to throw a suppression blade. Having landed, a blade explodes and suppresses all opponents in the radius of the explosion.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — free
  • Quantity — one
  • Cooldown conditions — 40 seconds
  • Activation delay — 1 second
  • Suppression effect duration — 8 seconds
  • Health points — 20 HP


The guide on KAY/O — a battle robot, which can suppress the opponents’ abilities. Photo 2

Also, the agent has a flash grenade, which is pretty easy to use. In this case, KAY/O selects a flash grenade, which explodes instantly and blinds all opponents after throwing.

Perhaps, it is difficult to highlight some additional characteristics because FLASH/drive is just what it is supposed to be.

With the help of its ability, KAY/O can break through positions on a map, blinding enemies and receiving an additional opportunity in a shooting. Also, it is important to notice that a player can throw a grenade both a long and short distance. However, depending on the throwing distance, the effect duration and explosion delay differ.

However, you should be careful here and coordinate your actions with your team because FLASH/drive can also blind allies.

How to control: Press LMB to throw a flash grenade forward. Press RMB to underhand throw a flash grenade.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 250 credits
  • Quantity— two
  • Grenade equipment delay — 0,85 second
  • Blinding effect duration (LMB) — 2,25 seconds
  • Blinding effect duration (RMB) — 1,25 seconds
  • Explosion delay (LMB) — 1,6 second
  • Explosion delay (RMB) — 1 second


The guide on KAY/O — a battle robot, which can suppress the opponents’ abilities. Photo 3

The next ability is called FRAG/ment. In this case, KAY/O equips a special electromagnetic grenade that explodes and deals almost fatal damage within its range.

In other words, the agent has his version of a fragmentation grenade, which can smoke out opponents and also serve as an effective method of liquidating the opponents.

The remarkable thing is that the action of FRAG/ment consists of four separate explosions, each of which deals damage. The closer the opponent stays to the epicenter of the explosion, the bigger damage he will receive.

KAY/O can use the ability at its discretion. For example, to break up hidden opponents, while occupying the bombsite to plant a spike. Besides, a player can throw a charge when the opponents are rapidly advancing to buy time and hold off the opposing team.

How to control: Press LMB to throw an explosive fragment forward. After the fragment lands, a series of explosions happen, each of which deals almost lethal damage to the opponents staying at the very center.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • Minimum damage — 25 HP x 4
  • Maximum damage — 60 HP x 4
  • Explosion duration — 3 seconds
  • The interval between explosions — 1 second
  • Explosion diameter — 8 meters


The guide on KAY/O — a battle robot, which can suppress the opponents’ abilities. Photo 4

This is the ultimate ability, which becomes available for a player after earning 8 points. With the help of Null/Cmd, he can instantly suppress the abilities of opponents, effectively opening up space.

Having activated the ability, KAY/O overloads with polarized radianite energy, which reinforces the agent and causes powerful radiation. However, the side effect of the ultimate ability is the overload of KAY/O after the explosion. At this moment, allies must raise the agent, so the player will receive a battle stimulation and continue the round.

Perhaps, this is one of the most interesting abilities of all. First of all, KAY/O instantly suppresses opponents within the range of radiation. But at the same time, the agent dies after overloading and switches to the destabilizing condition, waiting for resurrection. However, after rebooting the core, KAY/O returns to the game and his characteristics are reinforced, helping the player in his further shooting.

How to control: Press the ability button to instantly energize with polarized radianite and unleash powerful radiation. After the explosion, KAY/O goes into a reboot, during which allies must resurrect him.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 8 points
  • Duration — 12 seconds
  • The received effects — the increased ROF and the weapon cooldown speed by 15%
  • Additional health points — 850 HP
  • Suppression effect duration— 4 seconds
  • Reboot duration — 15 seconds
  • Resurrection time — 3 seconds

How to play as KAY/O well

Since KAY/O is a classic initiator, his function is to collect information. Considering the abilities of the agent, a player will also have to suppress and control opponents to create space for his teammates.

So it is necessary to understand that KAY/O should not search for first duels and should stay aside. Only when the agent can do his best and play in the favor of teammates.

The main advice, which will help to play as KAY/O right:

  • Since the agent’s main power is suppression, KAY/O is effective against the ultimate abilities of opponents. Try to use your abilities when an opponent is going to use the ultimate.
  • Use FLASH/drive to push opponents from the corners. You will be partly blinded but at the same time, enemies will be fully blinded.

KAY/O nicely fits almost any combination of agents thanks to his signature suppression abilities, which will not allow enemies to use their skills.

Besides, KAY/O is pretty universal due to FRAG/ment and is one of the best flash grenades available in VALORANT. Thanks to his abilities, a player can secure a position and support teammates on his own.

Finally, KAY/O is also additionally valuable due to his ability to find opponents and clean territories safely.

In such a way, KAY/O is almost an irreplaceable agent when we are talking about teamwork. However, the agent requires enough time to learn because the set of abilities needs additional practice at the practice range.


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