The guide on Fade — a special initiator who is energized by fear and the dark energy


We continue our series of materials dedicated to the available VALORANT agents. The next one is an extremely interesting initiator from Turkey — Fade. Despite its class, the abilities of Fade are very similar to duelists and can be enjoyed by aggressive players who are looking for shootings.

The character was added to the game relatively recently — at the beginning of 2022. However, the abilities of Fade have become extremely popular in such a short time due to the uniqueness and character features of the huntress.

In other words, Fade can strike terror in opponents, being energized for surveillance. With the help of her abilities, the agent can disorientate enemies nicely and use the detective’s gift.

Due to this, we propose you talk about Fade — tell you about the abilities of the agent and give a few pieces of advice on how to play her well.

The list of the abilities of Fade


With the help of the signature ability, Fade releases the essence that reveals the location of all nearby enemies. In other words, the agent has a unique skill that can reveal the enemy’s position.

Haunt becomes available to a player at the beginning of every round and cooldowns for 40 seconds after being used. In such a way, a player can check the corners, and explore the area a few times, providing her team with more information.

However, one moment should be considered: enemies can destroy the sphere. So you should act quickly, activate Haunt by yourself if possible, and release the essence.

In any case, the effectiveness of the ability can hardly be underestimated. With its help, Fade can quickly scan the area and find a particular location of players from the opposing team.

How to control: Press LMB to release a sphere. After the sphere falls, it opens and releases the essence that reveals the location of all enemies who got in its sight. Also, you can press the ability button to release the essence before it falls.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — free
  • Quantity — one
  • Cooldown conditions — 40 seconds
  • Scan duration — 2 seconds
  • Essence deployment time — 12 seconds
  • Health point — 1 HP
  • Activation delay — 1 second


The guide on Fade — a special initiator who is energized by fear and the dark energy. Photo 2

The next ability is set to control an opponent. With the help of Seize Fade can concentrate attention on a particular opponent, and hold him.

In other words, this ability hampers an opponent who gets within range of the sphere. When attached to an enemy, the sticky substance draws in the enemy agent and allows Fade to make a kill.


With the help of Seize, a player can control the quick movements of opponents and close the important parts of a map. Besides, the ability can be used from the cover to surprise an opponent and gain a competitive advantage.

How to control: Press LMB to deploy an ink sphere. After falling, the sphere opens and creates a zone, passing through which the opponent will stick to the sphere. Also, you can press the ability button to activate the sphere before it drops.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • Pull effect duration — 5 seconds
  • The damage dealt after destruction — 75 HP
  • Stun duration — 5 seconds
  • Attenuation duration— 5 seconds


The guide on Fade — a special initiator who is energized by fear and the dark energy. Photo 3

The next ability solves two objectives: terrain scanning and blinding. In other words, Fade deploys the essence that follows the steps and focuses on opponents who are within its range.

As soon as the essence finds its target, it lashes out and blinds the enemy. As you can understand, Prowler is useful not just for locating enemies but blinding, working similarly to a flash grenade.

In such a way, having deployed the essence, Fade can not just detect her opponent but eliminate him while the blinding effect is active. However, you should not forget that an opponent can kill a Prowler before it attacks, so the effect of surprise is always important.

How to control: Press LMB to send a prowler forward. As soon as the prowler finds an opponent, it will lash out and blind him. Also, a player can release the prowler on the trajectory of the sight by holding LMB.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 250 credits
  • Quantity — two
  • Flight duration — 2,5 seconds
  • Health points — 60 HP
  • Blinding duration — 2,75 seconds


The guide on Fade — a special initiator who is energized by fear and the dark energy. Photo 4

This is the ultimate ability that becomes available for a player after earning 8 points. When Fade activates Nightfall, she will get the ability to be energized by fear of the nearby opponents and follow their trails.

Having released the wave of fear, a player will scan the area. Besides, the energy stuns enemies and deals them damage, and it also reveals a short path to the opponents.

In simple words, Fade has a unique location scanner that strikes terror in all opponents and follows their trails. Dealing with additional damage, Nightfall is a very effective skill to clear the location quickly and control space.

How to control: Press LMB to unleash the wave. Passing through the walls, the energy stuns an enemy and deals them damage over time and also reveals a path to him.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 8 credits
  • Wave flight duration — 12 seconds
  • The damage dealt by destruction— 75 HP
  • Stun duration — 12 seconds
  • Attenuation duration — 12 seconds

How to play Fade well?

Fade is an up-and-coming agent who proposes an extremely useful set of skills. The agent shows its best in the coordinated environment and offers a few deadly combos with other characters.

It also adds a brand new stunning effect to the game. Because sound is vital in VALORANT, the ability to drown your enemies and block their vision at the same time can become a serious help.

Considering the set of skills, Fade can not just rely on herself in open shootings but create more opportunities for her teammates. Tracking down opponents and coordinating teamplay, a player can quickly find weak spots and control a map.

Also, a player can use her abilities for tracking to find enemies when it is necessary. Additionally, the abilities Prowler and Seize allow a player to retreat in unfavorable situations, stopping enemies from following you.

However, Fade is a serious weapon on maps where there are enough corners and obstacles, while its set of skills is almost useless in an open area. Having a high potential for teamplay is also followed by a drawback: when Fade lacks communication with a team, the abilities can also not be that efficient.

Moreover, Fade requires a pretty long practice. At least, the agent has been in the game relatively recently, so you have space for experiments and searching for new interesting options for the use of the abilities. Besides, the abilities can always be combined to get even more advantages over opponents.


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