The guide on Breach — a signature bone breaker who uses bionic augmentations


We continue our series of materials dedicated to available VALORANT agents. It is time for Breach — a signature initiator who can effectively secure positions and create problems for opponents from nothing.

Considering all abilities of Breach, the agent is pretty useful both in attack during late phases of a round and defense during direct contact with an opposing team. The abilities of the agent can be divided into two parts: suppression and disorientation.

In such a way, we have an irreplaceable agent who is highly popular in the competitive scene and matchmaking. Using his abilities, Breach destroys everything on its way and clears positions for the team.

Due to this, we propose you talk about Breach — tell you about the abilities of the agent and give a few pieces of advice on how to play him well.

The list of the abilities of Breach

Fault Line

This is a signature ability that is given to a player at the beginning of every round. With the help of Fault Line, a player can clear positions on a map, releasing a seismic blast. All enemy players who are hit by Fault Line will be dazed.

It is worth understanding that the ability is given for free at the beginning of every round. However, you will need to wait for 40 seconds for the ability to cool down. But it is quite difficult to underestimate the effectiveness of Fault Line because Breach can clear a big part of a map.

The main thing is that a player can use the ability both in attack, for example, at the bombsite exit to plant a spike, and in defense when you need to stop a rapid offensive of an enemy.

In such a way, Breach has a useful instrument that can disorientate an enemy and provide an advantage in the following shooting.

How to control: Hold LMB to increase the range of the seismic blast. Releasing a wave, Breach creates a rift that dazes all the enemies who are within range.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — free
  • Quantity — one
  • Cooldown conditions — 40 seconds
  • Daze effect duration — 3,5 seconds
  • Wavelength — 10-50 meters
  • Wave width — 750
  • Full charge time — 1 second
  • Release preparation time — 0,7 second
  • Daze effect — 50-85%


The guide on Breach — a signature bone breaker who uses bionic augmentations. Photo 2

This is the next ability that can be bought at the start of each round for 250 credits. It is called “Flashpoint” because it is an analog of a flash grenade.

However, the feature element of this ability is the ability to pass through walls. In such a way, Breach can expose dangerous corners with one move and is not afraid of being killed while deploying the charge.

The other advantage of Flashpoint is the fact that Breach releases a pretty big flash that can impact a few players nearby. In such a way, the ability can be especially effective when it is combined with teammates and during the bombsite control to plant a spike.

How to control: Press LMB to release a flash blast through a wall. A flash will blind all enemies who have seen the blast at the moment of exposure.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 250 credits
  • Quantity — two
  • Flash duration — 2 seconds
  • Flash delay — 0,5 second
  • Blast speed — 2,000


The guide on Breach — a signature bone breaker who uses bionic augmentations. Photo 3

This is another ability that is designed to deal damage and disorientate opponents. With the help of Aftershock, Breach releases an extremely powerful charge that strikes through the walls and deals damage to all players who are within the range of the wave.

However, after the release of the shockwave and the blast itself, there is a short delay, during which an opponent can run away from the strike and hide. However, if this ability is combined with teammates, you will be able to smoke an enemy out of his position and hold important parts of a map.


Aftershock is pretty useful in an attack when a team enters a spot to plant a spike. However, Breach can be used in defense too if he wants to stop the offensive of the opposing team and slow an attack.

But the ability has a short range, so Breach has to have pretty close positions for contact. Also, you should not forget that a player can buy only one charge of Aftershock at the beginning of the round.

How to control: Press LMB to release a charge through a wall and create a blast that deals serious damage to everyone who is within its range.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • Delay — 2,2 seconds
  • The dealt damage — 60*3 HP
  • Blast range — 300
  • Launch preparation time — 0,9 second
  • Explosion interval — 0,6 second

Rolling Thunder

The guide on Breach — a signature bone breaker who uses bionic augmentations. Photo 4

This is the ultimate ability that becomes available to a player after earning 8 points. With the help of Rolling Thunder, Breach can release a cascade wave that dazes and pushes away all players.

After its activation, the charge creates an earthquake and the range of the wave is displayed on a mini-map.

Using the ultimate ability, a player can cut off the whole enemy group, creating space for his team. For example, Rolling Thunder can be used when an opponent plants a spike or diffuses it.

At the same time, the charge breaks through the walls, and the width of the wave covers a big part of a map. The main idea is to use the ability in places where there are many opponents.

How to control: Press LMB to release a cascade wave over a wide area in front of you. Any agent that stays on its way will be dazed and tossed in the air.

The key characteristics:

  • Price — 8 points
  • Daze effect duration — 6 seconds
  • The length of the blast wave — 38 meters
  • The time lag between the blasts — 0,255 second
  • The width of the blast wave — 2,300

How to play as Breach well?

Since Breach is not a player of the first line, it is useless to look for start shootings. However, the agent is extremely useful as a support because, with the help of his abilities, a team can effectively expose the enemy’s positions and hold important spots on a map.

Combining his abilities, Breach can not just prevent the enemy’s offensive and make them leave their positions but help teammates with the help of Flashpoint. However, a player must always remember the time required to activate his charges, so you should act in cooperation with your team.

The main pieces of advice that will help to play as Breach correctly:

  • Use length indicators on a mini-map to increase accuracy when using your abilities.
  • Be careful when using Flashpoint. Keep in mind that players do not have to look at the charge directly. Also, coordinate the use of the abilities with your teammates to not harm them.
  • Try to coordinate with your teammates because Breach can help when mates use their abilities.

Perhaps, the main advantage of Breach is his universality. What is more, his abilities can be used without advanced knowledge of a map because the released charges pass through the walls and break the game for opponents seriously.

However, Breach is more of a support player than a striking agent. So the approach to the gameplay should be appropriate. In any case, the search for interesting combinations and options for the use of abilities should become the basic elements of those players who want to learn how to play as Breach.


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