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Gaming and E-sports grow every year and today gaming is a much more accepted part of society. More people than ever before play games and watch E-sports than ever before and the industry has grown explosively.

This is a trend that has grown stronger over time. Today, there are plenty of people who completely prefer E-sports over traditional sporting events, and there are even sports bars that only show E-sports around the country. This growing interest among the Swedish people has also meant that the steadily growing Swedish gaming market has woken up to the enormous interest that exists for gaming in general in Sweden. When you look at gambling companies on a comparison site such as, you can clearly see that even the websites draw inspiration from the gaming world.

Gaming companies have started to take in licenses from the gaming world

Sweden is currently going through a gaming boom of an unprecedented kind and more Swedes than ever before are playing online casinos in one form or another. Figures from Spelinspektionen, the authority responsible for the Swedish gambling industry, also show that this trend does not appear to slow down significantly in the coming years.

Gaming companies have also started to take in licenses from the gaming world. These are mostly used in video slots, simpler slot games that are easy to learn and play. Here it is above all street fighter that has become one of the big successes, even among people who are otherwise not interested in gaming at all. As more and more people start playing at online casinos, however, we will most likely see more


E-sports continues to grow

E-sports has grown from something that only enthusiasts at local LANs dealt with, to instead becoming something that millions of people worldwide follow with great interest. Instead of a tournament in E-sports being played in front of a dozen or so people with a few pizzas as a prize, large E-sports tournaments can offer prizes in the millions in a packed Avicii Arena.

E-sports and betting

Betting on E-sports is something that has been available in one form or another since the mid-2010s. Betting on E-sports began when a couple of programmers with an entrepreneurial streak in their blood and a penchant for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got an idea. Valve had recently released cosmetic items that could be bought and sold for real money. These items were then used to build websites that made it possible to bet real money on the outcome of E-sports. This quickly became extremely popular and attracted huge attention from Esports fans. But this was not entirely without problems. The market was completely unregulated and unfortunately it happened several times that those who ran these betting sites did not always have clean flour in the bag. Valve was forced to shut down the websites after the problems with fraud and the lack of control got out of control.

But this had also brought with it another effect. Traditional betting companies had now opened their eyes to the enormous potential that existed in E-sports and it wasn’t long before large betting companies offered odds on the big matches in Counter-Strike.

The future of E-sports in the gaming industry

Esports has undergone tremendous change in recent years and the explosive growth only looks set to continue in the coming years. More people than ever before consume E-sports more or less daily. Although it is not as common for Swedes to read articles about the professional scene within

All this also means that the gaming industry will continue to be part of the ecosystem behind E-sports. For the betting companies, there are enormous sums of money to be collected from gambling-hungry E-sports followers, while betting on E-sports does its part in making the industry increasingly popular.


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