The Future of CS:GO, or How the Game Can Develop in the Nearest Future

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that will stir up the brains and hearts of millions of gamers and those who like to kill the time and get a bit distracted from the routine.

At the outset of the uprise, all of us vividly remember mini-championships in computer clubs in the basement where the main prizes were computer mouses, keyboards and headsets. More respected establishments that used to be called “Cyber arenas” filled their prize pools with monitors, computers that used to be a desired reward at that time. At those times it seemed to be a simple entertainment and children used to be told to go and study instead of playing games. Then no one could suppose that gaming will turn into something bigger and become something on the level of traditional sports disciplines called esports.

CS:GO has already become an esports discipline with bigger prize pools and huge army of fans and today we want to predict what kind of discipline it will be in 5 years and what can change.


New mechanics, weapon, equipment, locations

Updates account for incorporating new equipment or a location like a moving train, plane, trucks in the game. For example, let us imagine a warehouse of Amazon or Ikea. By the script, hostages are bots on loaders or in trucks moving around the locations by particular routes. Terrorists’ task is to keep the position at the warehouse using a classical capture of these bots and as an update, there is a mode for controlling the equipment that terrorists may use in various situations. Contr-terrorists, instead of a standard discharge, can use special transport as an armored fighting vehicle or a police helicopter and therefore assault positions of terrorists. Let us suppose that new scripts require heavy armor and grenade launchers, distant bombs and armor-piercing machine guns. Not to scare the fan army away, it is worth separating the classical mode and the arcade mode. This is in the arcade mode where you can use all the updates, so you can leave the classical mode untouched.

Let us move on. To popularize CS:GO, it makes sense to introduce the plot multiplayer mode with development of the character and getting various rewards, skins and boxes as bonuses. Plots cover many grounds from bank robbery, embassy capture, opera theater to a mission with usage of the equipment.

What else can we add and how else can we sprinkle the game?

Modification of the weapon! Work on the chance to attach weight to the weapon as a modification. You can do this process more interesting and diverse. A kind of weapon workshop where we can attach weight, paint elements and patterns. Uniqueness will involve weapon assembly, coloring and history (statistics of kills, headshots, gaming time). What we would really like is a chance to choose between male and female characters. We would also appreciate a variety in weapons, and a chance to attach a muffler or a laser aim for the majority of weapons.

The world is not resting on its laurels, generations and technologies change. The development of esports is going to swell. Games are going to become more advanced and more likely to switch to massive games in VR. And while we are moving towards it, we want to hope that the classic CSGO will be spiced up and it will be painted in new colors for all fans. Share your thought in the comment section, we do want to find out the opinion of each of you.

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