The DioField Chronicle: Best Weapons For The Cavalier Class


The DioField Chronicle offers a refreshing new take on traditional JRPGs by combining the turn-based strategy with real-time simulation. The player will find less restriction in gameplay, as they can change the direction of their party mid-battle and are not crestricted to the standard grid-based system. This requires a lot of quick thinking and fast action to remain successful.

In The DioField Chronicle, there are four different classes the party members will originate from. One of these classes is the Cavalier. Players must outfit their Cavalier with the best weapons for the class to ensure they are well-prepared for the battlefield. Depending on the specific Cavalier, they can use Claws or Lances for their weapon choice. As the game progresses, players will have access to newer and better weapons. Here’s a look at the best options at all stages of gameplay.


6/6 Kaizer Claws

Zoruaq and Chappleman are the only party members capable of using Claw weapons, including the Kaizer Claws. This weapon offers 85 attack and 134 EP, and features the active skills Flame Breath and Cyclone. Flame Breath damages enemies within the target area with a power of 200, inflicting the Burn debuff. Cyclone has 450 power and generates a Cyclone in the target area that causes damage to any enemies that touch it. Once activated, every enemy touching the cyclone will receive damage. These AoE skills make quick work of multiple enemies simultaneously.

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Players must reach Rank 4 in Weapon Development to unlock this weapon, and use 2 Electrum. Once unlocked, it will be available in the shop for 10000 G. After unlocking the Kaizer Claws, players will have access to greater weapons in the Skill Tree, making this an effective selection on the menu.

5/6 Blaze Lance

Fredret in The DioField Chronicle

Only Fredret and Castevere can equip the Blaze Lance, as they are the only Lance Weapon users. This pick offers an HP boost of 320. Its attack is 68, while its EP is 144. It features two active skills, Vicious Swing and Lance Strike. Vicious Swing has 200 power and damages enemies within the target area, bringing them to the front of the unit. Lance Strike has 450 power, damaging enemies within the target area, dealing extra damage to any Sharpshooters present.

The requirements for unlocking the Blaze Lance are reaching Rank 4 of Weapon Development and using 2 Electrum. After these two points are met, it can be purchased in the shop for 10000 G. The combination of unlocking this weapon and reaching Rank 5 of Weapon Development will allow the player access to several advanced weapons essential for the members of the Cavalier Class to have.

4/6 Predator Claws

Chappleman in The DioField Chronicle

Predator Claws is a Claw weapon, limiting their use to Zoruaq and Chappleman. It features 110 attack and 145 EP. It has three active skills: Flame Breath, Wings of the Storm, and Cyclone. Flame Breath and Cyclone work the same here as they do when activated with the Kaizer Claws. The new addition, Wings of the Storm, has 200 power and pulls enemies in the target area to the center while inflicting damage.

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Players must reach Rank 5 in Weapon Development and use 1 Orichalcum to unlock the Predator Claws. Once unlocked, it is available for purchase in the shop for 44000 G. By maxing out the active skills for this weapon, players can deal massive damage to mobs of enemies efficiently. Unlocking this weapon also leads to the ability to unlock the best Claw weapon in the game, Dawn Dragon Claws, described below.

3/6 Star Gazer

Castevere in The DioField Chronicle

Star Gazer is a Lance weapon and can thus be equipped by Fredret and Castevere. It offers players 412 HP, 90 attack, and 156 EP. Like the Blaze Lance, it has Vicious Swing and Lance Strike, but also brings another active skill into the mix. The new skill, Full Frontal Assault, has 250 power and moves the user to a specified point while damaging every enemy in his path.

Players must be at Rank 5 of Weapon Development to unlock Star Gazer, which requires 1 Orichalcum. After these conditions are met, the weapon can be purchased for 44000 G. This weapon features the best of the best skills for the lance, making it a formidable choice for Fredret or Castevere. Additionally, unlocking it will allow players to eventually unlock the best Lance weapon in the game, Twilight Spear.

2/6 Dawn Dragon Claws

Zoruaq in The DioField Chronicle

Dawn Dragon Claws can only be used by Zoruaq and Chappleman. They offer 504 HP, 120 attack, 58 technique, and 174 EP. Like other claw weapons, its active skills are Flame Breath and Cyclone, plus Wings of the Storm. Its passive skill is Enchanted Beast Killer, which allows the weapon to deal 1.2 times damage to Enchanted Beasts.

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Players must reach Rank 5 in Weapon Development and use 5 Orichalcum to unlock Dawn Dragon Claws. Once this is done, it will be available for purchase for 60000 G in the shop. This weapon offers all the best Cavalier skills, and provides the best boosts of all the Claw weapons. It is the best choice out of all the weapons available for Zoruaq and Chappleman, but players will have to work hard to obtain it.

1/6 Twilight Spear

Fredret in The DioField Chronicle

The Twilight Spear is reserved for Fredret and Castevere, and is the best weapon they can wield. It offers 412 HP, 98 attack, 9 defense, and 158 EP. Its active skills are the same as the Star Gazer: Full Frontal Assault, Vicious Swing, and Lance Strike. Its passive skill is Magicker’s Bane, which allows the user to deal 1.5 times more damage to Magickers in the enemy’s party.

Players must reach Rank 5 of Weapon Development and use 5 Orichalcum to unlock Twilight Spear. Once unlocked, it can be purchased for 60000 G in the shop. This weapon offers the perfect combination of stats and skills for Fredret and Castevere, making it the best Lance weapon available.

TheDioField Chronicle is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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