The Coolest New Building Games On Steam In 2022


Gamers who love builder games can try fun and visually stunning new builders that’ll challenge and entertain them. Some of the best architecture games let their players build imaginative new buildings and even create complex infrastructures. However, there is also a fine selection of fun and relaxing builder games that are perfect for casual gamers who just want to unwind and have an easy playtime.

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Players can choose from all kinds of builder games depending on their gaming preferences since they can easily go for more difficult strategy, survival, or cute slice-of-life new video games. Thanks to these builders, players can travel through time and space and even visit cute fantasy-inspired worlds.


8 Technicity: Prologue

Technicity: Prologue is one of the most exciting new city-building games like SimCity. While there are differences between the two games this one also lets players create unique buildings and entire cities while exploring the game’s large open world.

This immersive sim inspires its players to build faster and better, either solo or in co-op mode, with up to 4 friends. Since players can use their own construction blocks, factories, and items, they can freely test out new designs and create one-of-a-kind cities. Some of the most fun parts of the game are the planes that help players enjoy and explore the cities they created from a bird’s eye view.

7 Catizens

Catizens is one of the most vibrant and charming early access feline-themed video games that’s easily the cutest new builder game. This family-friendly life sim is actually a complex and creative game in which players will have to manage and build new towns as well as the cats’ look, personality traits, and moods.

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Players will not only have to micro-manage the new towns they create but will also have to explore new areas to find the best fishing and new farming spots to grow their colonies. All the cats have their own personalities and relationships with each other that’ll affect the game and how productive they are. Some cats should get even more attention since players will have to choose a few cat leaders.

6 Magna Graecia

Magna Graecia is another fantastic early access new builder game that’s perfect for beginner and more experienced players alike who are looking for beautiful and chill playtime. It’s one of the most relaxing games with an imaginative world inspired by ancient Greece. Players will have to build charming cities while concentrating on the two key resources in the game olives and grapes.

Players will have plenty of time to enjoy this calming and atmospheric world while they decide about the best places to plant their new crops. Magna Graecia also has some strategy and puzzle game elements since players will also have to make strategic decisions regarding where to place their buildings and level them up to expand territory and get bonuses.

5 Urbek City Builder

Urbek City Builder is one of the most complex and fun new builder games set in a modern-day world. It’s a family-friendly and charming city builder where players will have to use their creativity and strategic skill to create unique and functional cities.

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The game doesn’t have any money; instead, players have to manage over 30 different natural resources and improve education in their cities, so they can build more advanced buildings. If gamers make the right decisions, their city will start growing organically. However, they will still have full control over the types of neighborhoods and can even walk around on the streets to enjoy what they created.

4 Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is one of the funniest new building games for casual and avid gamers. Thanks to this cool single-player, gamers can create the craziest and best universities they have always dreamed of attending. In this game, not only the buildings but also the courses are unique since the characters will be able to take all kinds of fascinating gastronomy courses and even learn how to become Knights.

While the main focus of the game is building new structures, there is also a whole lot of fun to be had, and players can enjoy some of the best events in the game. Gamers can explore the students’ personalities and learn about their hopes and dreams and help them create the right clubs and gigs, and develop friendships to keep them happy.

3 Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is one of the most difficult new early-access survival builder games with a stunning art style and an immersive open world. Players will get to explore and build beautiful new towns in this medieval world while using their strategic skills.

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This immersive sim requires players to manage over fourteen different raw materials, harvest, grow, and craft while getting to know the game’s one-of-a-kind farming system and trying to figure out the best crop rotation as well as trying to keep deer away from the crops. However, players will also have to fight off invaders and make sure the residents are happy and healthy, so there will be no dysentery or cholera outbreaks.

2 Galaxy Life

Galaxy Life is one of the most vibrant new early access sci-fi builders that immerses its players in a fascinating world filled with unique planets and aliens. Gamers can choose to play with their friends or millions of other players around the world to battle evil and expand their space empire.

Players will have to create their own space colonies for their lovely yellow aliens and fight epic battles to protect them while discovering new and exciting planets. This game has some of the most fun buildings, and players will also have to train their soldiers and develop cool technology and gadgets to make sure they can survive this cute but dangerous universe.

1 Sapiens

Thanks to Sapiens, players can explore what prehistoric time felt like in an immersive and creativity-boosting way. In this new early access builder, players get to explore a fascinating open world in which they will have to find the perfect location for their first settlement after making sure they made a wise decision and took resources, climate, and other important things under consideration.

Players will have to build towns and eventually advance through thousands of years of technological breakthroughs while guiding their colonists and managing their moods as well as physical and mental health. Gamers will get to explore and send their sapiens to faraway lands for resources and even watch them hunt down gigantic mammoths.

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