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Did you know that the worldwide audience for eSports games is predicted to reach 250 million people? The growth in eSports has been phenomenal, with new games being launched every year. However, some games dominate the landscape and are more popular than the others. When we talk about the biggest eSports games, it can mean different things to different people.

Some games are more popular globally, while others are regional successes. Some have many more players, while others organize larger tournaments with large prize money.

In this post, we’ve sorted the biggest eSports games by the amount of prize money they’ve awarded for tournaments. So let’s get started with the list of the biggest eSports games.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a popular multiplayer eSports game. The game is developed by Valve Corporation and the popular favorite is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars. It is most popular in North America and Europe. It is usually played in teams of five, with each defending their area on a map. One team wins by destroying a structure called “Ancient” in the other team’s base. This is a game that is readily available, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either, so here you won’t have to resort to refinancing to afford the game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is another popular game developed by Valve Corporation, in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment. It is a first-person shooter and is the fourth in the Counter-Strike series. This game is basically played between two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists. The terrorists take hostages and plant a bomb, while the counter-terrorists must rescue the hostages and defuse the bomb.


Fortnite is a popular multiplayer online game developed by Epic Games. It has three different game modes but still counts as one game. Here are the details for each game mode:

  • Save the World – It involves up to 4 players battling zombie-like creatures to defend themselves and other survivors.
  • Battle Royale – This is a player-versus-player game where up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing. It can also be played in teams.
  • Creative – This is the sandbox mode where players have creative control over the game world.

League of Legends

This is a real-time multiplayer strategy action game developed by Riot Games. It is quite popular in Asia. It is played by two teams or either 3 or 5 players each and is somewhat similar to Dota 2 in gameplay. Similar to Dota 2, here one team wins by destroying a structure called “Nexus” in the other team’s base.


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