The Best Harem Manga with No Anime Adaptations


Why design one love interest when multiple ones will do? That’s how the harem genre was formed, as it kept the audience guessing over which potential lover the protagonist will eventually pair off with. It popped up in the 1970s but blew up in subsequent decades with the rise of classic anime like Urusei Yatsura and Tenchi Muyo.

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The genre is still around today, whether it puts a guy among girls like High School DxD, a girl among guys like Ouran High School Host Club, or has an LGBTQ twist like Iono-sama. While those all made it into animation though, others didn’t make the jump. In fact, there are plenty of great harem manga that haven’t been animated yet.


8/8 Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister

Created by Marcey Naito for Weekly Shonen Magazine, it’s not connected to the Amagami dating sim or the Amagami SS anime. In fact, the similar name might be why animating this strip would be difficult. It comes from the manga’s Amagami Shrine, where Uryū Kamihate moves to after spending much of his life in an orphanage following the death of his mother.

After a series of heartbreaks, he shifts focus to his dream: getting into Kyoto University’s Medical School. However, head priest Chidori has other ideas. He wants Uryū to marry one of his three granddaughters to keep the shrine going. According to him, it’s his destiny. However, he doesn’t know who he’ll end up with: little sister Asahi, dedicated tsundere Yuna, or the playful Yae. Only time will tell as the manga’s still running as of this writing.

7/8 Red Lion

Harem Manga without Anime- Red Lion

Can a Korean comic, or manhwa, get turned into anime? Well, yes. It worked for The God of High School, Noblesse, and a bunch of Webtoons, so it could also work for Yong Sun Kim’s Red Lion, which combines a reverse harem romcom with martial arts action. As its lead, Eisul Kim, was the most famous fighter in all the city’s school districts. She was so strong she gained a reputation as the titular Red Lion.

After ruling the streets though, she suddenly stops fighting and disappears. That’s because she promised her mother she’d move on from her past, go to a new school, and just be an ordinary girl. However, while her fetching red hair and looks are enough to attract suitors, her past will always come back to haunt her. She now has to deal with her old foes alongside her new lovers.

6/8 Today’s Cerberus

Harem Manga without Anime- Today's Cerberus

Ato Sakurai’s comic for Monthly Shonen Gangan is a weird one as one of the lead’s suitors is a dog woman with multiple personalities. When Chiaki was nine, he saved a three-headed dog from being bullied by some kids. Its middle head bit Chiaki out of shock, and it caused the boy to lose a piece of his soul. Since then, he’s been a morose, cold figure. Eight years later, the dog returns and offers to help him regain his missing soul fragment by becoming human.

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However, an accident during the process splits her personality between three different identities: the dark-haired Kuro, the white-haired tsundere Shirogane, and the masked, pink-haired Roze. Dealing with others, like the shrine priestess Hinata and childhood friend Minerva, was testing enough. Now he has the Cerberus girls and a whole host of supernatural figures who come in and out of his life.

5/8 Sekai no Owari no Encore

Harem Manga without Anime- Sekai no Owari no Encore

Originally a light novel by Kei Sazane and Haruaki Fuyuno, this fantasy harem adventure got converted into a manga by Ryū Usui for Comics Alive. Surprisingly, for a modern fantasy tale, it’s not an isekai. It does involve a mystical MacGuffin known as the ‘Encore’ though. It was the last record of the end of one world and the rebirth of the new one and was last seen in the hands of the legendary hero Elline.

Ren, a young boy with a striking resemblance to Elline, aims to become a heroic knight like him. Unfortunately, he’s so hopeless with a sword that he’s called a ‘fake hero’ by the locals. Nonetheless, when Kylse the Dragon Princess awakens from her seal, she sees potential in the ersatz-Elline. Alongside the archangel Fear, and Elise the Demon-Lord, they form a party to find the Encore together. With friends like them, who needs foes?

4/8 Ai Kora

Harem Manga without Anime- Ai Kora

AKA ‘Love & Collage’ or ‘Sexy Puzzle’, Kazurō Inoue’s manga was a saucier number for Shonen Sunday back in the mid-2000s. It’s an ecchi harem tale, but it uses its storytelling and comedy so well that it managed to appeal to people regardless of their feelings on fanservice. The story follows Hachibei Maeda, who loves women as much as the next guy, except he loves some parts more than others.

He likes the sound of a soothing, deep voice, the sight of bright blue eyes, straight ‘anime-esque’ legs, and a bullet train-like bust. These specific interests keep him from settling with one sole woman. However, when he moves to Tokyo for school, he ends up in an all-women’s dormitory and meets five women who each have one of the ‘attributes’ he likes. He’ll have to decide which part appeals to him the most or learn to appreciate women beyond their body parts.

3/8 Chitose is in the Ramune Bottle

Harem Manga without Anime- Chitose is in the Ramune Bottle

Starting off life as a light novel by Hiromu and raemz, the manga adaptation by Bobcat has been running in Manga UP! since April 2020. It caught on so well that the city of Fukui set aside ¥6 million for a Chitose-based tourism campaign in the middle of 2022. Both the light novel and manga are available in English too via Yen Press, but what’s it about?

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It’s about Saku Chitose, the most popular kid at Fuji High School. Everything seems to be going perfectly for him until he’s tasked by his teacher to help a shut-in student called Kenta Yamazaki break out of his shell. He uses his connections and social knowledge to help Kenta get on in school. In other words, it’s like the Nerd & Jock webcomic with a narrative and a bunch of women to charm.

2/8 Crazy Girl Shin Bia-Ah

Harem Manga without Anime- Crazy Girl Shin Bia-Ah

Time to head back to Korea with another manhwa with Mi-Ri Hwang’s Crazy Girl Shin Bia. Like Red Lion, it has a young girl choosing among a host of men instead of the usual one guy, multiple girls fare. It also throws in time travel and a period setting, as the pretty but lazy Shin Bia-Ah has her life turned upside down by a single Chinese necklace. She was walking home one day when it fell from the sky and smacked her on the head.

Its power sends her back to one of her past lives in ancient China. Luckily, she was a noblewoman and gets to live in the lap of relative luxury. Unluckily, she’s expected to have the manners and poise of a noblewoman too, which she lacks. Though it’s in her struggle to fit into this ancient society that she catches the attention of a number of noblemen, like the handsome but curious Prince Mu-Yeong. Will Shin Bia-Ah fall for his charms or does she fancy someone else?

1/8 The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

Harem Manga without Anime- The 100 Girlfriends

Or just The 100 Girlfriends for short. Created by Rikito Nakamura and Yukiko Nozawa for Weekly Young Jump, it lives up to its title literally. Hapless and hopeless high school freshman Rentarō Aijō prays at his local shrine, hoping to gain a girlfriend in high school. The God of Love agreed to his prayer but because he was distracted by a rerun of Castle in the Sky, he messed up and gave Rentarō 100 soulmates instead of one.

He comes across two, rich girl Hakane and tsundere Karane, on his first day alone. Rentarō tries to fix it, but the God of Love says his soulmates will be destined to die if he doesn’t return their feelings. Unwilling to do that, he manages to convince the two to accept a polyamorous relationship. The story is currently still running, and Rentarō is up to approximately 22 girlfriends now, like the Americanophile Nadeshiko ‘Naddy’ Yamato and Hakari’s own mother Hahari. Just 78 more to go!

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