The 4 Most Used Cars in the Rocket League Championship Series


A Rocket League vehicle is the only item that can provide a competitive edge. All decals, wheels, goal explosions, and other items are for cosmetic purposes only. Unlike cars, they provide no benefit to your playstyle.

Whilst each player’s car design will differ from another, many professional players use identical vehicles.

This list showcases the top 4 Rocket League cars used at RLCS events of all time. Visit Pro MB Gaming to see the market prices and car designs for these 4 vehicles.

1. Octane

The Octane Rocket League car is the most used vehicle in the eSports scene and has been since the very first RLCS. Around 70% of professional players use the Octane due to its all rounded, consistent hitbox.

These are just a few of the well-known pro players that use the Octane:

  • Turbopolsa (4-time world champion)
  • SquishyMuffinz (2-time world champion)
  • Kronovi (RLCS season 1 world champion)
  • Kaydop (3-time world champion & 7 consecutive RLCS finals)

2. Fennec

The Fennec Rocket League vehicle is the newest car body on this list.

Even though the Fennec has an identical hitbox to the Octane, many pros decided to make the switch from using the Octane to the brand-new Fennec. Besides having the same hitbox, minor differences can be noticed. More power appears to come from the Fennec due to its bulkier build. However, this reduces its turning radius making Fennec users less responsive to the ball.


These are some of the popular pro players that use the Fennec:

  • GarrettG (RLCS season 8 world champion)
  • Chausette45 (European champion in RLCS season 8)
  • Arsenal (Runner-up NA RLCS season X)
  • Extra & Seikoo (2021 RLCS champions)

3. Dominus

The Dominus is a widely accepted vehicle in the RLCS scene. It has never reached the standard of the Octane and Fennec, but it is almost guaranteed that a few players at an RLCS event will select this car as their preferred vehicle.

In 2018, Gimmick became the first person to win RLCS without using an Octane or Batmobile.

These are some of the well-known players who have used a Dominus at an RLCS event:

  • Gimmick (RLCS season 6 world champion)
  • Remkoe (3rd place in RLCS season 6)

4. Batmobile

A legendary, well-known RLCS vehicle that had to be included in this list besides it receiving very little usage in recent RLCS events.

The Batmobile is famously known as being the vehicle used by Kuxir97 when he won the second Rocket League world championship series. The legendary ‘Kuxir pinch’ was also created using the Batmobile.

This vehicle has surprisingly won 3 RLCS events. The players that won a world champion using the Batmobile were:

  • 0verZer0 (RLCS season 1)
  • Kuxir97 (RLCS season 2)
  • Turbopolsa (RLCS season 5)

These are not the only vehicles that have been used at RLCS events, but they are the only cars to win a world championship and to be used consistently year after year. For example, the Takumi was used by a player called Skyline in RLCS season 2, but it has not featured as a player’s main vehicle since then.


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