The 3 best online casino roulette wheels


Online gambling is one of the audience’s favorite digital pastimes. It is that you can participate from home just by having a mobile device connected to the Internet. However, the acceptance that the platforms that offer them have had made the developers continue to innovate in all their releases. Just take a look at the main page of the Spanish online casino Betfair to be surprised by one of the games that have evolved the most: roulette. That is why, below, we present the 3 best online casino roulette wheels .


live lightning roulette

One of the best roulettes that can be found in the section is Live Lightning Roulette. As many know, the real-time dealer mode completely revolutionized the player experience; however, the developers have gone further to incorporate other types of improvements to this entertainment. It is that here the new modality is combined with the random number generator (RNG). In Live Blitz Roulette, betting proceeds as usual; players choose their favorite numbers and the wheel begins to spin. However, before it stops, lightning appears on the scene. These are visual effects that flood the screen, providing a unique experience. Now, these bring with them multipliers that select, using the RNG, random numbers to give greater profits to successful bets. It is that these can multiply them by up to 500 times. And the best part is that there are usually up to 5 multipliers at the same time to increase the chances of winning. Without a doubt, it is one of the best roulette wheels that online casinos have today.

grand croupier roulette

The Grand Croupier Roulette series of games represents another of the best roulette wheels that can be found in online casinos. It is an online version game, which completely changes the scenarios in which you can participate in this entertainment. Condemor’s castle, from the movie Brácula, is one of the settings where you can play alongside the presenter Chiquito de la Calzada. The idea behind this innovative title is that the dealers are recognized figures in the Spanish environment. Thus, Chiquito, El Dioni, Rebeca and María Lapiedra are some of the characters that operate the roulette wheels. In this way, players enter new scenarios in which they can place bets, but at the same time, have fun with their favorite celebrities.

fast ball roulette

Finally, fast ball roulette is another of the best roulette wheels that can be found in the casino. In this case, it is played in its live mode. What is striking is that its rounds last much less than in the more traditional versions. This means that the ball stays in motion for only 25 seconds. Also, as the winning numbers are recognized quickly, the time you have to wait between one game and another is also reduced.


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