TFT Patch 12.18: Mortdog Outlines Buffs for Shimmerscale, Several Champions


After shipping a B-patch early last week, Riot developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer has highlighted the upcoming TFT Patch 12.18 buffs in a descriptive Patch Rundown video.

TFT Patch 12.18

1/2 Cost Large Champion Buffs

Spell AD% 165/180/195% increased to 185/200/230%

Spell Damage: 35/55/75 buffed to 40/60/85

Spell Heal: 200/220/270 buffed to 220/250/300

1/2/3 Cost Champion Buffs

Spell Damage: 210/280/350 buffed to 210/280/420

Spell Damage: 225/350/550 increased to 225/350/650
Spell Health: 70/100/170 buffed to 70/100/185

Spell AD% 150/155/160% increased to 150/155/170%

40 > 45 Armor & MR

Also, Lux ends up being targeted with a slight spell damage nerf but her ability animation is now slightly faster, which might make her look ‘faster’ in battle, even with reduced spell damage. On the other hand, a larger 6 cost champion, gets his Attack Damage pushed from 80 to 85, along with a small bug fix meant to fullfill Riot’s intent to make the champ ‘reliably attack his spell target”. At three stars, an increase of 5 AD is meant to make the champ more easier to play with. Also, Vollibear gets his Shimmerscale damage buffed from 110/155/215 to 125/175/240.

Attack Damage: 0 increased to 20.
Passive damage: 40/60/180 nerfed to 25/40/150

Spell Explode Damage at one and two-star: 275/375 increased to 300/420.

Shi Oh Yu
Spell Damage Reduction: 15/20/50 buffed to 20/25/50 percent
Spell Attack Damage Percentage: 230/250/1000 buffed to 250/275/1000 percent.

Tyrant Swain
Missing health Percentage: 11 percent buffed to 12 percent.

Aurelion Sol
Spell damage: 325/550/4000 increased to 350/575/4000
Ascended damage: 15 percent increased to 20 percent.

Following several nerfs in the first update of Set 7.5, Shimmerscale is getting its much-needed set of buffs to a list of its items. ‘We put Shimmerscale in a bad spot (with our last update), and as a result, we’re buffing some of the underperforming items under Shimmerscale” stated Riot Mortdog. On the other hand, Small Augment such as Cutthroat receives an increase in Mana Reave from 50% to 65%.

Crown of Champions: 6 > 5 Sec cooldown
Determined Investor: 10 > 15 Gold
Needlessly Big Gem: 3 > 2 Units per gold
Mogul’s Mail: 200 > 350 Base HP
Goldmancer’s Staff: 33% > 40% Chance to
Base AP & Mana: 15 increased to 20

When is TFT Patch 12.8 Releasing?

The next patch is scheduled to hit servers on Wednesday, September 21. The buffs outlined above may change in the final patch notes release. To check out the full notes for the second patch of Teamfight Tactics: Uncharted Realms, stay tuned and follow us here on ESTNN.


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