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TemTem is a creature collection game that allows players to choose one of three starter TemTem, and players might want to know more about them.

​​​​In order to get started in the world of TemTem, players will have to first choose one of three starter creatures to help them challenge and defeat others. The choice is between Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic.


The first starter that players can choose is Crystle in this Pokemon-like game. It is described as a Crystal Temtem, which means it is strong against Electric and Mental. Crystal weaknesses include both Fire and Earth. They are native to the Tucma region. Crystle is TemTem number 072 and an Amphibian. Here are its stats:


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  • HP: 34
  • STA: 22
  • SPD: 19
  • ATK: 31
  • DEF: 37
  • SPATK: 28
  • SPDEF: 25

The evolutions of the TemTem Crystle are as follows:

  • Crystle – Evolves after 30 levels to Sherald
  • Sherald – Evolves to Tortenite after 21 levels
  • Tortenite – Final evolution

Crystle and evolutions can learn a variety of crystal-type moves for combat as well as one wind-type TemTem move and some neutral moves.


Smazee is the next possible TemTem players can choose from in this difficult MMO video game. These little monkey-like guys are melee types, and they are Earth and Crystal. Their weakness is Mental and other Melee. Its TemTem number is 092. Its trait is Fever Rush.

  • HP: 26
  • STA: 22
  • SPD: 17
  • ATK: 16
  • DEF: 14
  • SPATK: 13
  • SPDEF: 13

Smazee also has just three total evolutions:

  • Smazee – Evolves after 29 levels into Baboong
  • Baboong – Evolves after 23 level in Seismunch
  • Seismunch – Final Evolution

This TemTem begins with only a neutral and melee moves, but also can gain earth moves as well.


The final possible starter is called Houchic. This is a Mental Temtem, which makes it strong against Neutral and Melee. Its weakness is Crystal. This starter is number 32, and it has the trait Soft Touch.

  • HP: 24
  • STA: 22
  • SPD: 16
  • ATK: 14
  • DEF: 14
  • SPATK: 17
  • SPDEF: 15

The three evolutions of this TemTem are:

  • Houchic – Evolve after 29 levels to Tental
  • Tental – Evolves after 24 levels into Nagaise
  • Nagaise – Final evolution

This TemTem uses mostly mental attacks and moves, but it can also learn some neutral and one nature-type move in this creature-collecting type game.

Now that players have a bit of a better understanding of each of the starters, here is a breakdown of some more information about how the game plays out:

  • While it takes a while, players will be able to get any of the three starters out in the wild.
  • The first TemTem players will come across in the wild is Crystle.
  • TemTem starters will never be Luma versions, so hard resetting the game will never yield one of these rarer TemTem.

Best TemTem Starter

Now that TemTem has been released, there are probably new players looking to get started in this new world. The best TemTem for them to choose is most likely Houchic for any kind of play style. This is because this starter has fewer weaknesses than the other two. In spite of the fact that its stats aren’t as good as Crystle, Houchic will help players to get through the difficult beginning phases until they have a larger variety of TemTem to choose from.

TemTem is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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