Team Benelux won BLAST Spike Nations #3 over Team Eastern Europe


Team Benelux became the champion of the BLAST Spike Nations #3 tournament, which was held for the third time this year. Facing the BLAST Spike Nations #2 champions Team Eastern Europe in the grand final, Team Benelux won the series with a score of 2-1.

Team Benelux 2-1 Team Eastern Europe
14 Fracture 12
11 Haven 13
13 Ascent 8

Team Benelux completed Group A as the leader and advanced to the play-off stage. Defeating Team France 13-9 in the quarterfinals and 2-0 against Team Italy in the semifinals, Team Benelux reached to the final undefeated.

The winning roster of BLAST Spike Nations #3 consists of:

  • Nivera
  • ScreaM
  • Kira
  • BEASTy
  • iDEX


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