T3 Arena November 2022 update brings the new Ranked mode, in-game features, and more


The November 2022 update for the hero shooter T3 Arena is now accessible on iOS and Android. The update includes new skins, balance changes, events, and the highly anticipated ranked mode. ​ 

Players can now celebrate as the highly anticipated ranked mode has finally arrived in T3 Arena November 2022 update

The eagerly awaited ranked mode has now actually arrived in T3 Arena, so players can rejoice! The main guiding concepts for building the Ranked mode were Fairness, Competitiveness, and Glory. This mode offers three game modes: Control, Payload Escort, and Clash.

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Players must have demonstrated their abilities and expertise with nine heroes before they may take part in ranked mode. To be eligible for Ranked, players must also unlock 1500 trophies. While pre-made three-man teams will only face other pre-made teams, solo players will be paired with other solo players when they want to queue alone.

Only a player’s Ranked Tier will be taken into consideration when tier matchmaking is conducted. Players won’t have to worry about their glory labels or trophy totals influencing matchmaking. How players choose their heroes will be another important aspect of Ranked Mode. Players always choose their heroes after learning which map they will be playing in, which helps make Ranked matches more strategic and competitive. ​ ​ ​

Finally, a function called Hero Wishlist is included in this latest release. The players’ favourite heroes will be simpler to unlock thanks to this wishlist. Players must choose a hero from each of the three rarity levels—Grand, Epic, and Mythic—in order to take part. The wishlist’s objective is to boost players’ chances of finding their desired heroes in Rumble boxes!

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