Sword Master Story x KonoSuba collaboration returns with new characters, costumes, and more


Thanks to the support of the fans, Sword Master Story, which just marked its second anniversary and over 4 million total downloads, will enter into collaboration with Konosuba,” the renowned animation that enchanted the world, once more in November. Players have been given some suggestions for having twice as much fun when taking part in the Sword Master Story x KonoSuba collaboration.

Sword Master Story brings special characters during the collaboration

With this time’s improved talents, the players will be able to re-interact with the key characters from Konosuba, “Aqua,” “Megumin,” and “Darkness.” This a fantastic chance for those who missed the last chance to combine their adorable looks and potent abilities!

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Through the abilities “Arc Priest” and “Goddess,” “Aqua,” a goddess who appeared in the original work as a vivacious and eccentric figure, will demonstrate her appeal as a potent healer. She also bestows her renowned “Blessing” skill upon the entire group. Megumin, who is thought to be Konosuba’s season 3’s lead character, will also make an appearance. By using potent magic spells, users would be able to defeat all foes, unlike Megumin in the original tale, who is infamous for being stunned after unleashing exploding magic.

Darkness makes an appearance as a “Crusader” who takes all damage for the group. Many admirers of the original work cannot wait to see what Darkness looks like after suffering all the damage from her team in battle. Just having Darkness in the party will improve health and defence.

Enjoy new costumes in Sword Master Story

Fans will be glad to hear that some of their favourite characters will still appear, but in unique collaborative costumes rather than as Sword Master Story characters! There will be a Cain-Kazuma outfit available with the same theme of “the male protagonist who plunged into another planet.” Additionally, a cooperation costume will be created for “Yui,” who has established herself as the Sword Master Story’s leading lady, and “Yun-Yun,” a talented wizard who will lead the Crimson Demons. Last but not least, the unique outfits of “Lilith” and “Wiz,” who both share the trait of being terrifying monsters concealed beneath a superficially appealing appearance, are also included.

The Kono Suba collaboration will bring new areas to explore in the game

Additionally, the collaborative event dungeon will open its doors after much anticipation from users! Five times every day can be spent exploring the dungeon, where gold and collaboration coins can be found. A number of activities, including the “KonoSuba Limited Premium Pass,” “KonoSuba Photo Event,” “Coming Soon Quiz Event,” and the gift of a 5-star Invocation.

Sword Master Story,
Image via Super Planet

Tickets that are exclusively offered during this update period, will be held to celebrate the 2nd anniversary in addition to this collaborative update. Between November 1 and November 30, 2022, Sword Master Story and KonoSuba will collaborate. The official community can find updates, events, and more information on collaboration.

Are you excited about the return of the Sword Master Story x KonoSuba collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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