Switch file size round-up for Dec. 4th, 2022


There’s always a big wave of games heading to the Switch eShop. Wondering how much space those games will take up? The Switch eShop has been updated yet again with file size details for games both right around the corner and a few weeks down the road. Check out the latest file size round-up below!

Action Games Bundle (5 in 1) – 3.2GB
Grappling Dash – 3.1GB
Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent – 2.3GB
Aero Striker – World Invasion – 2.2GB
World War Battle Heroes Field Armies Call of Prison Duty Simulator – 1.5GB
My Coloring Books – 2 in 1 Bundle – 1.1GB
Aka – 1.0GB
Swordship – 913MB
Breakers Collection – 848MB
Chained Echoes – 717MB
Grammarian Ltd – 717MB
Xanchuchamel – 617MB
Lone Ruin – 563MB
AlphaLink – 511MB
Pixel Cup Soccer – Ultimate Edition – 501MB
Food Truck Tycoons – 2 in 1 Bundle – 439MB
Cosmo Dreamer – 433MB
Startup Company Console Edition – 401MB
Petite Adventure – 320MB
Kids Party Checkers – 279MB
Lil Gator Game – 252MB
Football Kicks – 226MB
Simona’s Requiem – 221MB
Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider – 165MB
Panda Punch – 136MB
Farming Real Simulation Tractor, Combine Trucks Farmer Land Game – 131MB
Package Inc – 130MB
Headbangers in Holiday Hell – 103MB
Lost Snowmen – 98MB
Mind Jab – 80MB
GyroBlade – 73MB
Void Prison – 58MB
Chubby Cat 2 – 38MB


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