Street Fighter 6 – 15 Things You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

If you’re a fan of Street Fighter, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the release of Street Fighter 6. But before you rush to pre-order the game, there are fifteen things you need to know. From new features to returning characters, this game promises to be a worthy addition to the franchise. So, let’s dive in and explore the most important details you should be aware of before buying Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 – 15 Things You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy


Street Fighter 6, the next iteration in the popular fighting game franchise, is set to release soon, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. As Capcom has promised numerous new features, including a campaign mode, character customization, and a new battle hub, this seems to be one of the biggest releases of 2022. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6 before making your purchase, from the story mode to the gameplay mechanics. Let’s dive right in.

1. Story Mode: The World Tour

In Street Fighter 6, players can expect an immersive story mode called the World Tour. Unlike previous games where cutscenes were separate from gameplay, World Tour features a story with explorable 3D environments and side content. This game mode brings an unprecedented level of storytelling to the genre while still featuring gameplay to satisfy the needs of die-hard gamers.

2. Character Creation

Fans can create their own character using the character creation tool in Street Fighter 6. The tool has extensive options for customization, including skill trees and gear, allowing gamers to tailor their character to their liking. A detailed character creation system is something the franchise has never had, and this new feature has fans truly excited.

3. The Battle Hub

The Battle hub is a new social multiplayer area that can have up to 100 players at once. It contains a range of different activity options, including Avatar battles, arcade games, and much more for players to explore, and there is a lot of fun to be had.

4. Fighting Ground

Fighting Ground is a traditional mode in Street Fighter 6 that incorporates versus battles, training, and online matches. Players looking for a more classical experience in the tradition of Street Fighter will enjoy this mode.

5. Drive Gauge

Drive Gauge is an essential component of fights; it adds a unique strategic element to the gameplay, with 5 special moves all that take varying amounts of drive gauge. Players will need to manage their drive gauge and use their moves at the right time to be successful.

6. Super Combos

Each character in Street Fighter 6 has three unique super moves accessible through the Super Combo mechanic, tied to their levels. These combos become available during critical states and offer players combat options suited to their character.

7. Control Schemes

Street Fighter 6 includes multiple control schemes, accommodating a range of play styles and experience levels. The classic, modern, and dynamic schemes are all available. This will make it easy for players to switch up their play style and have fun.

8. Rollback Netcode

The developers have included rollback netcode to ensure fair play for everyone. Players will experience less lag during online matches, and there should be fewer dropped connections during gameplay or character creation. This means more time playing, less time waiting, and a better player experience overall.

9. Cross-Platform Multiplayer

For the first time in Street Fighter’s history, the developers have made cross-platform multiplayer possible. This means that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers can all play against each other, regardless of their platform preference. This feature has been requested by gamers for years, and it’s amazing to see it finally happen.

10. Launch Roster

Street Fighter 6 will feature 18 characters on launch, with DLC plans already set for year one. Fan favorites such as Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma will all return, joining newcomers like Dan, Eleven, and the character that’ll be the face of Street Fighter 6 itself, Luke.

11. Animations

Street Fighter’s animation quality has always been excellent, and the latest developments won’t disappoint players of Street Fighter 6. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and the character animations have never looked better. The way characters react to each other is more lifelike than ever before, making it easier for players to get lost in Street Fighter’s world.

12. Soundtrack ##

Street Fighter 6’s soundtrack promises to continue the series’ reputation of high-quality music and memorable tunes. Gamers will get to experience legendary fighters’ album favorites, giving the game even more character.

13. Differences From Street Fighter V

While there are many similarities between Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 6, there are numerous improvements. Character customization, cross-platform multiplayer, and rollback netcode are substantial changes that have never been included in the series before.

14. Platforms

Street Fighter 6 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

15. Conclusion

Street Fighter 6 promises to be one of the most comprehensive fighting games of all time. It can satisfy everyone from story-driven campaign lovers to traditional fighting game fans. With the World Tour, Character Creation, and Battle Hub, Street Fighter 6 offers more than previous games in the series ever did. Players will experience a wide range of emotions while playing this game, which will be a welcome addition to the franchise.

5 Unique FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. When Will Street Fighter 6 be available for purchase?

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release at some point in 2022, though no specific date has been announced.

  1. Can I Create Custom Characters in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 features a comprehensive character creation tool available for players to use.

  1. How many characters will be available in Street Fighter 6 on launch day?

Street Fighter 6 will have a roster of 18 characters at launch, with DLC plans already set for year one.

  1. Will Cross-Platform Play Be Available In Street Fighter 6?

Yes, cross-platform play will be available in Street Fighter 6.

  1. What Are Some of the New Features in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 will include numerous new features, including the World Tour campaign mode, the Battle Hub, character customization, and new super combos.

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