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The Steam Winter Sale has just started! And here are our suggestions for games you should get for cheap!

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The Steam Winter Sale has just started and will go from December 22, all the way to January 5, 10:00 AM PST. There are many great games for sale and we here at ESTNN curated this special little list with titles you should definitely have a look at or gift one of your friends!

Elden Ring

Would you look at that? Our Game of the Year is already on a discount. Well if you haven’t picked up Elden Ring for any reason or are still on the edge of whether this whole Soulsborne thing is for you or not, maybe the 30% discount will get you to reconsider.

While only being a successor to the Dark Souls franchise in spirit, Elden Ring is the final form of what we call ‘the From Software game’. An amazing action RPG set in a vast, hauntingly beautiful world that you get to explore to your heart’s content. Elden Ring is a beast of a video game and easily From Software’s best work yet. And with the recent Colosseum Update and a DLC looming on the horizon, now is the time to journey into the Lands Between.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Never played a Yakuza game before? Then maybe this is the time and season to finally get into the series. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is on paper the 7th entry in the storied franchise, but actually serves as a soft reboot with a new protagonist and all-new gameplay.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a JRPG in which you patrol the nightlife of various cities in japan with your slightly past their prime friends and lay the beat-down on all kinds of friends and degenerates that lurk in the shadows. What initially comes off as Persona for middle-aged folk, turns quickly into an engaging story deeply ingrained in the underbelly of Japanese society. But that’s only a part of what makes these titles so great, they also boast some of the most varied selections of minigames and time-sinks in all of gaming.

In short, this franchise is amazing, and this game allows you to summon an army of lobsters to join you and your band of misfits in the fight against the creeps of Yokohama.

Outer Wilds

While we’d love to tell you all about Outer Wilds and its secrets, it’s a game better-experienced bind so we’ll keep things brief here. In Outer Wilds, you’re chosen to participate in your planet’s space program. After a brief introduction, you’re free to explore a puzzle box galaxy full of secrets and adventure. Here Outer Wilds boasts its charming writing and beautiful environmental design that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

It’s a great example of a title that makes use of its subject matter and managed to turn complex concepts like astrophysics much more digestible. Even if you only have a passing interest in space travel or are just looking for a more slow-paced adventure game, the Outer Wilds is easily one of the best titles to come out in recent years.


Don’t be fooled by Kenshi’s looks. While everything about it screams low-budget passion project because it is. It is also the best kind of low-budget passion project. It was one of Steam’s original Greenlight titles (remember when that was still a thing?) and is probably the best one out of that initial run.

But what is Kenshi? Kenshi is an isometric open-world survival RPG set in a cast wasteland. From the moment you pick your starting scenario, the world is yours for the taking. Now you chose what you’re story is going to be, will you become a settler that turns a few Hutts into a vast trading hub with many loyal followers or will you try your hands at bounty hunting? Kenshi’s world offers limitless opportunities for player expression once you get past its initial difficulty curve and the rough graphics. It won’t disappoint!

Streets of Rogue

Have you ever wondered what Hitman and Deus Ex would look like if their developers has forgone all logic and focused on only the fun of the immersive simulator stealth game? That’s what Streets of Rogue is for.

Your goal is simple, fight for the resistance and kill the major, and.. that’s about all you’re given for context. But that doesn’t really matter, right? The gameplay loop of Streets of Rogue is simple, you’re dropped in a procedurally generated little sandbox and have to complete a couple of objectives to proceed to the next floor. Kill a target, steal something or free a gorilla. How you go about those tasks is up to you, will you incite a riot to distract the guards? Or maybe you go in guns blazing. Streets of Rogue lets you make your own fun with its limitless possibilities.

Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age

This one had to make the list no matter what. Dragon Quest is one of the most iconic RPG franchises and Dragon Quest XI is the swan song of the series. Released for the 30th Anniversary of the franchise, Dragon Quest XI combines the best aspects of the entire series and creates easily the greatest JRPG of the last generation. It combines Akira Toriyama’s (Dragon Ball, Dr. Slurp) iconic artstyle with the brilliant mind of Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori (Chrono Trigger) and is their best work yet.

A single playthrough of Dragon Quest XI can easily last you up to 80 hours and the many difficulty modifiers and its deep character-building elements, make it very replayable. So if you’re looking for a cozy RPG, crafted with all the care of a luxurious fairy tale, there’s no reason not to go for this titan of the JRPG genre.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Recently released out of a long stint in Early Access comes Mount & Blade 2, the ultimate Medieval wish fulfillment. Ever wanted to test your mettle as a warlord that knows to navigate their way to riches and renown without equal? Then jump into the land of Calradia and get to it.

We would tell you all about Mount & Blade 2’s qualities and shortcomings extensively, but luckily someone has already written a review. But in short, Mount & Blade is an extensive medieval simulation that lets you do whatever you please within its vast world. You can either brave the lands as an opportunistic mercenary looking for a quick payday or become the holder of a vast trading empire and buy yourself the way to royalty. If this sounds even remotely interesting to you, Mount & Blade won’t disappoint!

Earth Defense Force 5

The EDF deploys! Normally, gamers try to avoid games with a bunch of bugs but Earth Defense Force 5 is full of them, so take up your gun, laser cannon, tank or flying machine of choice and get rid of them.

While Earth Defense Force 5 might look like a low-budget third-person shooter with coop elements (which it is), there is no third-person coop shooter like it. Not only is the progression system extremely addictive, but also encourages you to ramp up the difficulty in exceedingly bizarre missions. It starts with bugs and eventually escalates into all kinds of alien invasions. So if you’re looking for a game to spend a few weeks with a group of friends on, check out Earth Defense Force 5.

Cid Meier’s Civilization VI – Anthology Edition

When was the last time you’ve been deeply enchanted with a strategy game? You know that kind that makes you ask the age-old question, “Huh? Is the sun rising or going down?” Then consider Cid Meier’s Civilization VI, the newest entry of the iconic 4X series. While we could go into length about its near-infinite replayability, countless modifiers that keep the tried and true formula of these games from getting stale or just how charming this title is.

Civilization VI is easily one of the best games in the entire franchise and with its expansions and the ever-increasing roster of leaders, it’ll keep you entertained far past its currently reduced price tag.

Devil May Cry V + Vergil

Hey, want to play what is probably the greatest action title of the past 10 years? You’re in luck because Capcom has been gracious enough to give away Devil May Cry V and the Vergil DLC for a deep discount.

Created by God (of Action Games) Hideaki Itsuno, Devil May Cry V is not only the best game of its series it’s easily one of the smoothest action titles ever made. High praise, I know but with the Vergil DLC you get 4 characters that could easily carry an entire game on their own. And don’t worry about not being caught up with the story, while Devil May Cry V is a love letter to its entire franchise, all its story beats will even land for a series newcomer. So go get it!

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