Sports Story: Britannia Station Walkthrough (Part 3)


This Sports Story walkthrough (part 3) will cover the main story of the Britannia Station questline. After reading through this, Sports Story players will have no issues finding the five Cricket players, the Power Core, and Wrought Tea.

For those looking for a walkthrough for a previous section of Sports Story, we have a link to Part 1 down below and a link to part 2 (Rustling Vale) right here.

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Visit Sterling Silver in Britannia

The next day begins, and the first task is to go and visit Sterling Silver.


Before heading to Britannia, players can go back to PureStrike Mall. Speak to the girl in front of the car to buy a raffle ticket to enter the contest. However, players will not win the car but will instead get gifted with three Dirty Balls. These can be cleaned by using water pumps (there’s one in Rustling Vale). Make a visit to the License shop and turn in two punch tickets to get a B Class license. Players can also go into the tennis shop on the left to buy a Basic Racket for $8.15.

bike shop sports story

And finally, head to the Bike shop in the back left corner of the mall to buy a Small Bike for $7.75. Players will need one before exploring Britannia Station.

Now, head to Britannia Station, which is right behind PureStrike Mall. Players will need a B Class License to get inside.

britannia station sports story

Once inside, head one screen left and one screen up to find a pair of NPCs with bikes. Speak to the one with arrows over their head to start the biking challenge.

bikers sports story

Hold B to pedal and A to jump over obstacles and try to land the bike flat as much as possible. Once players make it to the end of the path, they’ll get a punch for their punch card.

Return to the entrance of the station and pick up the cork that’s in the minecart and then place it over the pipe with the red smoke coming out of it. Now, head north.

sports story cork

Find a mine cart in the upper left of the next area and push it with the A button. Go run to the lever near the mine worker and pull it once the cart takes the first turn.

mine cart sports story

If done correctly, the mine cart will turn left, and players can interact with it to collect Silver Scroungings.

Players can get also get the Pay Stub item by speaking to the miner in front of the cart.

Now, take that Pay Stub and give it to the man in the room near the coffee and vending machine near the area’s entrance.

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pay stub guy sports story

He will give players $12.50. Now, head through the opening in the back left corner of the area to go up a screen.

sterling silver

In the next area, head into the room on the left to find a shirtless man at the end of the path. This is Sterling Silver. After completing his golf challenge, Sports Story players will need to speak with Jett Silver.

Where is Jett Silver?

Head past the red gate to the north of the giant mole to find Jett Silver. After the conversation, players will get a new task to find the members of the Cricket team.

Before we find the Cricket team, head back into the main area where the Pay Stub guy is, and head east to find a giant sleeping mole with a hammer. Speak to the worker next to him, and a new task will trigger to Recover three Mine Carts.

recover the mine carts sports story

Speak to the NPC northwest of the mole to start a goal-kicking minigame.

ball challenge sports story

Shoot the blue balls into the south gate and the yellow balls into the north gate. Upon clearing the game, players will get a punch on their punch card and some XP.

Recovering the First and Second Mine Cart

Head southeast of the giant mole to find an NPC with arrows above his head. Complete his balloon-popping challenge to get another punch on the punch card.

minecart npc sports story

Now, push the minecart that’s in front of him and while it’s moving, run to the right, climb the incline, drop down, and pull the lever to redirect the cart. Pull it a second time to get the cart going west towards the mole, who will then smack it with its weapon. That’s the first Mine Cart done.

Head back to the area where the mine cart was to find the second one. Work your magic with the lever to get it going west again towards the mole. That’s the second Mine Cart done.

second mine cart sports story

First Member of the Cricket Team

Head northeast of the Britannia Station sign, where you first met with Jett Silver to find a house with a triangular roof. One of the cricket players can be found inside.

cricket member 1 sports story

Speak with the woman outside the home with the triangular roof –she wants someone to test her hypothesis.

scientist npc sports story

After completing her putt challenge, players will get another punch on their card.

Speak to the NPC with the long hair that’s standing near the locked door to the right of the triangular home.

locked door sports story

They will open the locked door, and players can go inside to solve a puzzle.

  • Inside the room, pull the cork out of the hole and place it into the pipe on the far right.
  • Grab the second cork from the left side of the room and place it into the hole at the bottom with the green smoke coming out.
  • Run to the right side to grab the cork out of the hole with brown smoke.
  • Now, use both corks to fill the two red smoke holes.
  • Grab the cork at the top of the room near the purple mushroom and fill one of the blue smoke holes.
  • Grab the other two corks and fill the other two blue smoke holes.
  • And now, fill all the purple smoke holes by grabbing the three corks again after passing the blue smoke.
  • Uncork all the holes in the next room.
  • Now, players will see green smoke coming out of some holes around Britannia.

Second Cricket Team Member / Potion Vial

Head inside the shop to the north of the Britannia Station sign to find another Cricket player.

second cricket player sports story

Now, speak to the doctor with gray hair outside the PureStrike shop. Go to the blue circle around the green smoke and activate the three mushrooms.

doctor vial potion sports story

The scientist will reward players with the Potion Vial and another Pay Stub. Take the Pay Stub to the guy back near the entrance to get some more cash.

Third Cricket Team Member and the Third Mine Cart

Now, to find another member of the cricket team (and the third Mine Cart), head back to the area where the first two mine carts were located. There will be a path of bouncy green mushrooms on the upper right side of the area, but one of them is gray.

potion vial sports story mushrooms

Tee up the Potion Vial and hit the gray mushroom with the golf ball to activate its bouncy powers. Now, jump across the mushrooms to reach a Cricket player and another mine cart.

Push the cart and immediately jump on the mushroom below the cart. Pull the lever so that the cart makes its way west to the mole. Take a Pay Stub as the reward and take it to the Pay Stub guy to get $12.

Now, go back to the area where the putting challenge was.

putting challenge sports story

Use the Potion Vial to turn the gray mushroom into a bouncy mushroom. For the mushrooms that are red, you can hit those too to turn them green.

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Fourth Cricket Team Member

Take the upper mushroom path to an area where the fourth Cricket team member can be found.

fourth cricket player sports story

Fifth Cricket Team Member

To find the fifth member, head through the red gate south of the mole. Climb the incline and drop into the Cricket player’s room.

cricket player number 5 sports story

After finding them all, a cutscene will play, and once it ends, players will get a Cricket Bat from one of the players and a new task from Jett to go speak to her dad to gain access to the Silver Mines.

Once players go back to Sterling Silver, he’ll be in a meeting with the Iron Dragon gang. His wife will finally give players the Silver Mine Lanyard, giving them access to the Silver Mines.

Get Into the Silver Mines

To enter the mines, head east of the mole and speak to the worker. Show him the Silver Mine Lanyard, and he’ll put players into a mine cart. Players can move up and down but cannot jump. Make sure not to hit any obstacles, or else the cart will slow down.

Once players get out of the cart, head into the area to the south and use the potion to hit the gray mushroom next to the red one. Now, jump down and do the same thing but with the gray mushroom between the two blue ones. Move left to find a red potion spot and hit the gray mushroom to the north. Jump across the new mushroom paths to reach the left side of the room and exit through the south.

Push the cart to the south so that there’s now an easy way to get back and forth from the Silver Mines and the main area. Go back into the new room we just entered and head left to go inside the Break Room.

break room sports story

Use the lanyard to get inside. Open the chest to find yet another Pay Stub and a variety of golf balls. Now, leave the room and head all the way right to a different area.

Help Cap Search for the Power Core

Here, players will find Cap, the missing Cricket player. He’ll give players a cork that can be used to clog up the smoke from the pipe. Once the smoke is clear, head to the right. Now, we’ll need to get the bomb cart to Cap.

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Use the blue potion vial spot to brighten up the gray mushroom and then hop across it. Switch the lever and push the bomb cart to Cap. Now, step on the blue circle to start a Cricket Bat minigame. Smack five of the bombs to complete the challenge. Flip the lever again to get the bomb cart moving on the track again. Now, move to the room on the right to meet up with Cap.

He wants players to protect all three bins from his balls. Once the challenge is complete, players will get a punch for their License Punch Card.

Survive the Dark Whispers

In the next section, players will need to find their way to the exit on the east side, and Cap will be waiting there.

sports story maze

He will sacrifice himself for the greater good, and players will need to continue north to find the power core in a room.

power core sports story

Return the Power Core

Once players exit the room, a scene will commence, and they’ll be put into a mine cart with the power core in hand. They will also get two Pay Stubs, which you can take to the pay stub man later.

Check In With Sterling Silver

Players can find Sterling next to the locked gate just west of the mole. He’ll give players two Vector Balls, and now the golf game at Britannia can be played.

Play Golf at Britannia

To play golf at Britannia, Sports Story players must head to the Pro Shop, where one of the Cricket players was hiding. Purchase the 9 Hole Round pass for $5.50, and the golf game will commence.

shop sports story

Distract the Baguettes

Head to the field, which has its entrance to the left of the sports shop.

cricket field britannia

Speak to the team on the other side and then stand on the blue circle. Players will need to hit the cricket ball ten times with the A button.

Track Down Jett Silver

Head back to the Silver household, and a cutscene will commence. After the scene, players will need to find Jett again back near the Britannia sign. She wants players to get Wrought Tea for her.

How to Get Wrought Tea for Jett

wrought tea sports story

Go back to the triangular roof house with the scientist in it with his crazy machines. Listen to what he says and press the machines in order to help make some tea, specifically Wrought Tea. Take it back to Jett.

Attend the Cricket Match

Go back to the Cricket field next to the pro shop.

The game will begin once players go to the players’ pit on the left. Eventually, you’ll need to go on the field and protect the bin from getting hit by balls. Next, players will have to breach the shield wall by hitting the top of the trash can.

breach the shield wall sports story

It can be tricky to pull off, but try and aim directly in the middle of the other team players. The Queen will rule the Dingos, the winner of the match.

Part 4 of our Sports Story walkthrough is coming soon.

Sports Story is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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