Sports betting: What major sporting events can still be held this year?


The year 2022 has been a celebration of sports and betting, when the corona restrictions have finally started to be lifted around the world with a big hand. Now in August, as I write this article, many of this year’s big sporting events are already history, but the end of the year still holds a lot of interesting sporting events that also offer good betting opportunities. The biggest event of these is the World Cup football tournament played in November-December.

Sports betting and casino enthusiasts all over love the chance to win. The biggest sporting events in the world at their best gather hundreds of millions of athletes watching the live broadcasts. Countless race tourists also travel to the venue to cheer for their favorites.


Naturally, the events that are not organized every year are the most anticipated of all. This year can already accommodate, for example, the European women’s football championships played in the summer and many other sports events. What makes this year exceptional is that several events were and will be organized this year, which had to be postponed earlier due to corona restrictions. Without further ado, let’s start going through the rest of the year’s sports offerings!

KHL 2022-2023

The KHL hockey league starting in September 2022 will start as usual. In four divisions, 23 teams compete for the prestigious trophy. This season is expected to be tough, even though the Jokers are no longer playing in the league.

SM League 2022–2023

The Finnish ice hockey championship league also starts in September, which is eagerly awaited every year. The teams start with interesting league formations to fight for points. The SM league also offers a lot of betting destinations every week on all game days. Finland’s hardest lattä is played from September to March. The reigning Finnish champion Tappara will defend its title next season.

Bundesliga 2022–2023

The German Bundesliga, which started on August 5, starts in a situation where Bayer Munich is the champion for the fifth time in a row. How is Bayer doing this year? The team is hitting hard and has a very good chance of getting that ninth trophy out of the way!

Premier League 2022-2023

The Premier League, one of the top leagues in European football, starts on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The Premier League is also the number one destination for bettors around the world. The league offers a lot to play almost every day of the week. Last season’s winner, Manchester City, is still in a tough fight, and experts predict success for the team in these games as well. The pre-sets for the season are exciting and now a big crowd rush to the stadiums is also expected for this season.

2022 FIFA World Cup

This year, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar in the Middle East. These long-awaited games have caused a lot of speculation. Winter time has been exceptionally chosen as the time for the Games, because in the summer Qatar is such a hot place that it is impossible to play there. There has never been a World Cup in Qatar before, and Qatar’s national football team has never made it to the finals of the World Cup. The World Cup in Qatar will start on November 21 and its final will be on December 18, 2022. These games also differ from previous football tournaments in that this time the games are slightly shorter than in previous years, i.e. they last only 28 days. The demand has come from national leagues and teams that are on break during these games.

Qatar is perfect as an organizing country from the point of view of many Kisaturists, because all the competition cities are located only a few kilometers from each other. Staying in one hotel is therefore completely possible, and at the same time seeing all the important matches. The exotic location has attracted race tourists and tickets have been diligently bought for the games. Along with the Super Bowl, the World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. If you think about it from the perspective of states and nations, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Every soccer country wants to reach the final tournament of the Games. It will also be interesting to see how the host country Qatar will fare. The world’s toughest football teams are up against each other. On the betting side, there are many interesting destinations for this major sports betting event. You should familiarize yourself with the bet destinations and place the first Winning Bets already.


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