Splatoon 3 Update Restores Missing Sea Snails and Fixes Bugs


Splatoon 3, like any online game, had some issues at launch, but a newly launched update should help to squash those problems. The update is available now for Splatoon 3 players and can be downloaded upon starting up the title.

Splatoon 3 continues the splatting and inking series with a new story, stages, and cosmetic options for players. Splatoon 3 has seen huge success so far, especially in Japan, but some of the problems plaguing the game have disappointed players.


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The new update for Splatoon 3 brings the game to version 1.1.2, and one of the most important issues it’s addressing is players missing Sea Snails. Sea Snails are awarded after participating in and completing a Splatfest, with the quantity based upon how well a player performs for their team, and whether their team wins. Unfortunately, the first Splatfest had a bug that led some players to not receive their Sea Snails, which is particularly unfortunate since it’s a limited and valuable currency. However, upon logging in, any players who didn’t get their Sea Snails should see the Splatfest results announcement again and then have the Sea Snails added to their inventory.

The update is also fixing some other issues with the game, including pushing a change that should help to reduce the number of communication errors players are experiencing, especially upon completing a Salmon Run mission or battle. Communication errors have been a problem with prior games, as well, so any steps taken to reduce them should be well received by players.

In addition to these fixes, the team has also implemented some fixes for weapons and exploits that allowed players to perform unexpected actions or leave the playable area. The team notes that players who are found to utilize exploits or otherwise violate the Nintendo Community Guidelines will have their online play access suspended.

One thing that’s currently missing from this update is any major changes to the way weapons work. Nintendo notes that these changes will begin with the next major patch, though there is no announcement as to when it will land. The adjustments will continue through the mid-season, however.

Splatoon 3 has been well-received by fans, though many have highlighted continuing flaws, like the frequency of disconnections, which can ruin a match. The first official Splatfest saw multiple issues, like conch shells not being counted towards a team’s efforts if a player picked up their Splatfest shirt after receiving their first conch shell, or tricolor battles being extraordinarily rare. With any luck, continuing updates will smooth out these issues and introduce new content to keep players active and excited.

Splatoon 3 is available for Nintendo Switch now.

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