Splatoon 3 Reveals Next Splatfest Theme and Dates


Splatoon 3 reveals the theme and dates for the next Splatfest, and players will be able to start earning Conch Shells very soon.

Splatoon 3 has announced the next Splatfest coming to the game, and players don’t have to wait very long for it. Players will be taking to turf war once again to battle it out among three teams, each led by a member of Deep Cut.

Splatoon 3 shook up Splatfests by making it be between three choices and teams, rather than the traditional two. The last Splatfest occurred in early January, pitting Spicy versus Sweet versus Sour flavors, and players secured the first win for idol Frye, with Team Sweet winning the Splatfest.


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Now in a similar theme, Splatoon 3 will be holding a new Splatfest choosing between players’ favorite kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate are the available options, with the Splatfest starting on February 10 at 4pm PT and running through February 12 at the same time. Players will be able to pick a team starting on February 3 and can immediately start earning Conch Shells, which can be used to gain additional loot from the Gacha Shell-Out capsule machine as well as boosting the Sneak Peek score for their chosen team.

Splatfests have been sporadic so far in Splatoon 3, with players not being quite sure of what Nintendo’s plan is for scheduling them. Following the full release of the game, a Splatfest has been held every two months, making this the first time that two Splatfests have been held across two months. While the schedule going forward is unknown, with the Chill Season coming to an end in March, there’s a good chance that March will see a Big Run instead of another Splatfest. However, players will have to wait and see.

Splatfests are typically seen as a highlight of any Splatoon game, and the latest entry has added some new features to both the battles and the celebration in Splatsville’s square. During the Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour Splatfest, players got to board the float belonging to their team’s idol to take snapshots after winning a 100x or 333x Splatfest battle. However, a bug caused Octolings to appear as Inklings instead. This likely won’t be an issue going forward, however, as Nintendo has been fairly quick about patching bugs in the game.

Following Splatoon 2‘s success, Splatoon 3 has sold extremely well, and with good reason. With regular Splatfests, Big Run, and the promise of large scale paid DLC coming sometime in the future, there’s a lot to be excited about in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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