South Africa to take on Namibia in PUBGM


All eyes are on Sulaimaan Musthan who intends to lead South africa to victory.

Leading up to IESF’s African Regional Championships, to take place in Abijan in the Ivory Coast, Mind Sports South Africa’s PUBGM Protea Team will take on Namibia at 13H00 to determine which Southern African Team will win a berth at such African Regional Championships.

MSSA’s Team Esports South Africa for the PUBGM esports is lead by Durban University of Technology (DUT) student, Sulaimaan Musthan of Team eFx. Under Sulaimaan’s leadership, the team has put in extensive hours of training and Team Esports South Africa is determined to beat their Namibian counterparts.

The match is to take place at 13H00.

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