Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG Beginners Guide and Tips


Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG is a gacha roleplaying game, commonly known by the abbreviation RPG, hence the name. The game is developed by highbrow, a studio that has developed some other games such as Dragon Village and Jewel Town Legend. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG and then make your way further into the game.

Gameplay Overview

The game revolves around the protagonist who is a young queen of a distant land whose queendom has been taken from her unfairly. She then goes on a quest to recruit the help of various creatures and people such as mages, elves, etc. while also fighting against the obstacles which come her way. You have to take control of the queen as she battles her way through her adversaries and gets closer to exacting her due revenge.

Introducing the Basics of Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG

In Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG there is not really much that you can do or have to do as a player because the game classifies as an idle game. Most of the actions in the game are automated and are not necessarily affected by any kind of outside intervention that the player might be responsible for. Keeping that in mind, here are the main objectives that the player has to look out for while playing the game.

Upgrading your Character stats

The Sorceress in the game starts off with initially great stats when compared to the foes that she has to face in the game. She often makes short work of them and kills the monsters with a few hits from her weapon.

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But at the bottom of the screen, you will find a separate button that will display the current stats of your Sorceress when you click on it. By spending the coins you earned in the game you can upgrade various elements of the stats such as hitpoints, attack speed, and damage.

Defeating Monsters with your Abilities and Magic

Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG offers players the freedom to choose their own equipment, magic, and other combat elements and also to develop their own strategies and game plan as to how to tackle the multitude of enemies present in the game. Players can also choose different skills to fill their slots which results in players being able to form their own combinations of skills and magic, thus making the game more immersive and engaging.

Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

As a beginner in any game, one needs to look out for a few too many things going on around them in the game. Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG is no exception, here one needs to closely observe all the options available to them in order to get familiar with the game and get the most out of the mechanics and the customizations available in the game. Here we will talk about some of those points which you need to take care of in the game during your time as a beginner.

1. Paying attention to the Level-up bar

At the bottom of the screen, while you are in the main game screen of Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG, you will find a bar that indicates the percentage progress you have made to get to the next level. Once the bar reaches a hundred percent, it will overfill and will go beyond a hundred percent and it does not have an upper limit yet. When the percentage is above a hundred, you can upgrade the characters to as many levels as you could when you divide the total percentage gained by a hundred.

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You have to keep track of this because it is a very important element in the game as leveling up is directly responsible for you to unlock new options and items and also getting better stats and bragging rights. It unlocks things such as guilds and other similar things which grant some extra perks to the players like heightened rates of resources and so on.

2. Customizing your Character

One of the biggest features that this game offers to its players is the ability to collect unique sets of outfits and customize your Sorceress as you deem fit. Sorceress Idle has a wide range of costumes and looks to make your character heavily customized and make them as unique to yourself as possible. Although this has no direct effect on the gameplay, there exist bragging rights for those who have the best fits.

Sorceress Idle, Sorceress Idle AFK RPG
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Also, it is kind of a trophy for a player to collect as many skins and costumes as possible as the game is also inclined toward the collecting part in a decent way. In any gacha game, character appearances and customizations play a big part and Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG does not veer far from that oh-so-familiar course.

3. Utilise your in-game Pets

Pets in a game often give the impression of bundles of cuteness and fun to the players, but it is a bit different in Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG. Pets in this game are not only for show or being there for cute purposes, but they can be of great help to the players as well.

core battle gameplay
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Pets enhance the overall abilities of the player they accompany. They aid the player in battle and give them company when things go south. They are extremely reliable and what is more, once you unlock a pet, it will forever be affiliated with you and then you will be able to choose from the pets you have.

4. Joining a Guild

Sorceress Idle, Sorceress Idle AFK RPG
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Guilds are a very popular element in a large number of multiplayer games similar to Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG. There, players can assemble together and fight alongside each other for prestigious awards exclusive to this format of the game. You will also be able to test your skills against other players and engage in healthy competition against your guild mates to see who could come out on top.


Being an idle afk game, there is only so much that you as a player could learn from outside sources. What is most important in the game is your ability to properly analyze situations and respond to them accordingly. The game takes care of the brunt of the work that needs to be done, such as controlling the character and collecting resources.

This leaves the player with ample time to engage in another element of the game and subsequently excel in it. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Sorceress Idle: AFK RPG beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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