Sonic Frontiers: Spring is in the Air Quest Guide


In the first open zone of Sonic Frontiers, Kronos Island, Amy and Sonic want to reunite a creature with their loved one, who Amy says is their ‘amore,’ which is the Italian word for love. After giving Amy some of the hearts found across Kronos Island, a cutscene will eventually play out, with the creature telling Amy that their lover is on the other side of a field, but the field in question has a ton of weeds in the way.

Amy wants Sonic to use that ‘new technique’ of his, the Cyloop, which is done by pressing and holding down the X button (Switch) to form a loop and then letting it go to close the loop, which can produce different effects, and can even damage enemies. This guide will explain how to complete the ‘Spring is in the Air’ quest so that Sonic Frontiers players can move on to the next story beat.


Sonic Frontiers players on other consoles can use the Y button (Xbox) or the Triangle button (PS) to use the Cyloop ability.

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Spring is in the Air Quest Guide

Before the ‘Spring is in the Air’ quest starts, a notice will pop-up, telling players how to complete the challenge. The message reads: “Remove weeds with the Cyloop and reach 7000 points before the timer runs out. Watch out for the bees! Avoid them by luring them towards flowers by using Quick Cyloop on seeds to make them bloom.

When the challenge begins, players will control Sonic in a tight space. There are a couple of flowers that can be interacted with by using Cyloop around them. However, doing this will not earn players any points. Circling around the plants will only cause the flying bees to be lured towards them, making it easier to accomplish the actual task.

Sonic Frontiers players need to amass 7000 points before the timer runs out by using Cyloop on the pieces of grass (weeds) around the area. There’s actually no need to use the flowers for this quest at all, as players can simply avoid the bees and quickly destroy the weeds.

If players get hit by the bees three times, the quest will come to an end, and player will need to restart it from the beginning. Upon clearing the mission, Sonic will get his hands on another one of Kronos Islands’ Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Frontiers is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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