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It is said that playing video games is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world with over three billion players globally. Gaming is a hobby that is entertaining, social and a way to relax. It can be fun and a great way to spend your free time. Did you know that while playing, you can unknowingly receive some benefits?

If you have a hobby of playing poker online , with platforms like Betsafe you can choose from many poker tables with different stake levels. They also organize regular poker tournaments, where you can win exciting prizes. Online gaming is hugely popular and it has become the dominant form of gaming in the world with a large number of players playing exclusively online.

Games can offer many more benefits than other hobbies and pastimes. You can learn about in the list below.

Can help you learn a language

Learning a new language can increase attention control, improve working memory, abstract and symbolic representation skills, and much more.

Neuroscientific studies show that learning happens faster when it is done in context.

As you walk through the virtual world of a video game, you discover the names of the landscapes, things, and people. You also learn grammar rules as the dialogues unfold with other characters in the game. Learning these things in context helps you internalize them.

People who want to learn other languages are able to learn a language faster using video games because they are exposed to their target language, and games require you to persevere with your task to complete the goal of the game, which means that it builds boost your memory: as you level up, you’ll keep hearing the same words over and over again as you play, making you associate things and words.

You can also meet people who speak your target language through online gaming platforms. Send them a message and keep practicing.

A way to socialize from home

Some video games can help develop cooperative skills and improve skills as players have the opportunity to work together to form alliances and create teams that work together. Just playing online with friends, acquaintances or new people can develop your social network.

Try to be social online and make more friends while playing your favorite games. There are even romantic occasions!

If you want to meet more people, it will be as easy as starting to play a video game. When you find a game you really like , you can join an online forum and share your opinions or find other players to play with. Use Discord while playing online to keep in touch with the other players.

Many games have an active offline community and tournament scene. An excellent way to propose an offline meeting to your internet friends is to attend events together like igaming events.


An option for everyone

Gaming has become the largest entertainment sector in the world, powered by billions of players as diverse as the world itself.

There is an increasing variety of genres and sub-genres to discover, due to game developers constantly developing different types of games in new and unexpected ways. Players are very diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and abilities. For example for disabled people, games are an accessible way to challenge themselves through e-sports.

You can choose what suits you best.

Due to its accessibility, these days you can play video games on many different platforms, including on your smartphone, computer or traditional consoles. Or maybe you prefer to download a game quickly by clicking into your device’s app store. Or you may prefer to play with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows PC or other platforms.

Some of the most popular video game categories are real-time strategy (RTS), shooters (FPS and TPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), role-playing games (RPG, ARPG and more), simulation and sports, puzzle and party. games, action-adventure, survival and horror, platform games and betting games.

A safe place to experiment

Failure is part of our human experience. Failing and trying again in video games can be a good skill to transfer to the physical world. Video games can also be a safe place to experiment with social interactions for shy people. Video games and other online spaces are “safe” because they allow people to communicate when they want, with little or no pressure to respond immediately and without requiring them to be in the same physical space with others.

Despite being an unconventional way of communicating, it’s useful for making connections while building the skills and confidence needed to interact face-to-face.

With video games, you either win or keep trying, learning from your mistakes as you reach your goal. Therefore, video games can teach people to become more confident and to work towards their goals, treating each misstep as a learning opportunity.

They are a fun way to learn

Today, there are games that include world history, cooking, politics, chemistry, architecture and other subjects you may not have been exposed to in school . In addition to being entertaining, video games can also be used in educational settings. Video games support effective learning by providing: a strong and engaging narrative, purposeful interactions, emotional engagement, freedom to fail, and opportunities for independent decision-making.

And you don’t even have to think deeply about this, it will naturally follow the development of the game in indirect ways.

Playing with someone makes memories

Sharing your favorite hobby with friends or family members is an excellent way to have a fun time together and create great memories.

Create fun, unforgettable moments with your family and play your favorite video games together. Both console and online games are the perfect way to spend more time with your loved ones. You can create your own gaming community with them!

In conclusion, games can be a positive and useful experience, when played in moderation. In order to experience the positive effects of video games, it can be helpful to identify your motivation for playing.


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