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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

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The slime is the classic RPG monster that everyone knows. A recent meme in Anime and other places is this concept that a slime can evolve and become the strongest enemy there is. This game takes on that same meme where you take a small blue slime and grow it into a killing machine.

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There are two different kind of currencies. Gold coins and the premium currency that is red diamonds. If you click on the Red Diamond button you can watch an optional ad to gain a few of these diamonds. It takes a lot of these to buy permanent upgrades or other objects that will be covered later in this blog.

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When you click on the skill button you come to this screen. Skill 1 is what I will go over next. Skill 2 are special skills you hav to buy with the red gems. 

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Here is the skill 1 button; Every 20 levels you can select a new skill. Each button gives you a set of two different abilities that you will gain if you select it. These skills can stack and become stronger if you lean the same ones over again.

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If you click on the button of the grey slime button you can see all the skills you have unlocked so far. Some abilities only open up one you reincarnate several times.

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As you unlock skills you can see what all skills you have equipped during this incarnation. You can click on each skill to get a description of what it does.

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You can see alll the boosts you have at a glance here. I can not remember the exact way to get to this screen because the menu system is conviluted and not clear. 

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When you click on the button with the yellow and blue stones you come to a sceen. As you battle enemies you collect stones that can be equipped. There is only 3 slots total. When you click onto one you can choose from any you have collected already.

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Each gem has it’s own level and they can have upto 4 skills. Each of these skills can go up to level 10. You can temporairly lock these or you can use gems to buy special orbs so you can keep one of these stones through a reincarnation.

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There is a shop menu that is buried a bit. You cah buy more red diamonds using real money. This game is a generious with gems so you do not need to buy any gems to make progress in this game.

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When you click on the gear you get a menu for all the options. You can pay to remove ads from here or you can check on the various other setttings here. You can replay the tutoarial here or enable cloud saving.

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You can gain additional gems for logging in everyday. The game seems to reset at midnight based on your device’s local time.

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If you purchance anything you get these one time bonuses that you keep. Some of these are very rare and possibly unique abilities. As you can see, you have to purchase quite a bit of gems to get these.

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This is the main game screen you will see a lot of. As you gain levels, you earn AP which can be distributed between hp, attack and defense. I haven’t figured out the best way to distribute points yet as the enemies scale up in strength very rapidly.

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When you are in the battle field, you can navigate to the idle menu. Here you can increase how many gold coins you get per hour, or experience. This is the main idle mechanic in the game, but there is a limit so you must also spend these gold coins to increase the offline limit. These upgrades seem to be a constant through all reincanrnations.

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Now we come into the Skill 2 button. Here are permanent upgrades that you can buy but there is a limit to how many you can have active starting off. 

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Lastly some of these skills are temporary boosts as well. The first couple of options are consumable options that will just eat away your diamonds.


 3 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this game is mostly a meme. It has a couple of interesting skills but the menues are hard to navigate and to remember where everything is located. There isn’t anything concrete here tha will keep you playing to too long.


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 2 of 5 cogs.

There is a little bit of a story but I can’t say it’s original. It heavily borrows from anime and other memes with slimes in them. I leave it up to you how much you buy into the story.

Amount of ads:


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There is a lot of optional videos you can watch to gain premium gems. If I remember, you get a video every time you reincarnate to start all over again.

Accurate Advertising?:


I do not recall seeing any ads for this game. The screenshots on gooogle play are accurate but they are partially covered over by a charachter that blocks most of the images, which in turn is kind of misleading.


 3 of 5 cogs.

The graphics have a loose anime based style to them. The monsters does help boost the raiting a bit as they are highly detailed but beyond that I don’t feel it was enough to raise the bar any.


 3 of 5 cogs.

Game play is middle of the road. There is a few small things you can do but the game mostly plays its self. You have the option of changing what stones are equipped but other than that, you are just watching this game.

Free play:


You can earn premium currency while you play by logging in daily or watching videos. You do not have to pay anything into this game to advance through the game.

Fun factor:

😐 average and middle of the road.

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