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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

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In this game, you are a survivor of a cruise ship that sinks. You become the mayor of this island and it is your job to build up the island and rescue other survivors. As you rescue others, the island slowly builds and grows. You can have survivors build other buildings to help everyone survive. Some levels allow you to retrieve lost items from the sunk ship and these allow you to change the scenery of the island. There is only 1 currency in this game and it is a premium currency. You can sometimes gain these blue diamonds from bonus crates that float in the water.

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The Options menu gives you the ability to could save and find some hints. You can view other important information here if you choose to.

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In the shop, you can watch a video every day to earn some free diamonds. Here you can buy a few different packs that give you power-ups and diamonds. You can spend diamonds to buy more powerups or retry a level. The last use is to refill your hearts as well.

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You can click on one of the buildings you have to pay diamonds to change it to another type and you can see which VIP runs the building. VIPs will be recovered later in the blog. If you max out the level of the VIP that runs the shop, you get some kind of reward. I have yet to accomplish this so I do not know what the rewards are.

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This game features 3 puzzle types I’ve run into. This one is the lost item mission where you must match water tiles to increase how rough they get. You make a match by a crate to start breaking it open. You can use one of the 3 different power-ups to progress in the level. The game does a good job of describing what they do so I will skip over them. The other two types of modes involve rescuing survivors. You can match tiles under the survivor to start forming solid land instead of ice like in the above screenshot.

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The result screen gives you diamonds on each completed level. If you rescue more than the minimum amount listed you gain bonus diamonds. You can also watch an ad to double the diamonds you gain.

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Rarely a survivor is a VIP and you need to prioritize getting these survivors to safety. I did not notice any increase in diamonds for rescuing them though.

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on this screen, you can choose the skin for your VIP. Some of these VIPs have multiples you can save to gain a different look/person. As you do so, each VIP seems to be tied to a single building.

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Over time you are given random quests to complete within a time limit. These can be for power-ups or sometimes diamonds. You tend to have 2 physical days to complete these tasks. 

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Lastly, you can play some events that are limited time. These ones seem to have an independent energy system and you have to watch videos to gain bonus tries. These events give diamonds and other decorations.


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 4 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this is a unique match 3 game that does things a bit differently. The game feels repetitive but as I have progressed, I’ve unlocked a couple of different game modes, but there could be more that open as you complete levels. There seems to be a finite end to this game and there is some content to keep someone going for a while but I feel it would run a bit thin after a long time.


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 3 of 5 cogs.

There is only a little bit of story I’ve run across in this game so far. It isn’t the best setup but it gives a loose reason why you are doing things. As you unlock new buildings you get small clips of story as well.

Amount of ads:


There are options for ads to gain various bonus gems but I can not remember if there are any ads in between levels. 

Accurate Advertising?:


I’ve only seen the video ad for this game maybe 3 or 4 times. The ads did not run very long from what I remember. As for the screenshots in the play store, everything is forward and transparent about gameplay.


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The graphics are simple and bright, though they do not really stand out as unique. The art style is very similar to many other mobile games.


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As I have transcribed so far, this game has a few more interesting mechanics than the standard match 3 game. It is a nice change of pace from many games I’ve played in the past. I do not know how long a shelf-life this game will have but it is a relaxing game.

Free play:


Yeah, there are no paywalls that prevent you from progressing in this game other than a limited number of hearts that prevent you from eventually playing as much as you want. Though this game is pretty easy and you won’t lose too many hearts.

Fun factor:

⛵ Full of water.

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