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North American esports organization DarkZero Esports recently announced changes to its roster of Rainbow Six players. As a result of these changes, the player Skyses returned to the team, replacing Hyper in the DarkZero squad. So in this form the team will continue their performances in the North American League 2022 – Stage 3. In addition, DarkZero Esports played their previous game on September 14 in the NAL esports tournament – Season 2022 – Stage 3. Susquehanna Soniqs played the opponent. The game ended with a sure victory for Susquehanna Soniqs with a 7: 3 account. Broadcasts of this event could be watched, among others, at , where other matches with the participation of the DarkZero team with a renewed squad will be available. The website also hosts matches of other esports disciplines.

Unfortunately, Hyper has to leave the original Rainbow Six roster to take a longer break from the game for personal reasons. So, for this reason, it’s fair to say that Hyper will not be playing in the 2022 North America League – Stage 3. He is a longtime DarkZero player who has made a tremendous impact on DarkZero Esports over the past few years. On the team’s official website you can read that DarkZero fully respects Hyper’s decision and asks the community for understanding. For its part, the team wishes the player good luck and is pleased to have had the opportunity to play with the talented player in many tournaments. For the remainder of the 2022 North American League – Stage 3, it will be the Skyscanner who will replace Hyper in the DarkZero squad. The team believes they will succeed quickly and take full advantage of the recent roster changes.


It is worth remembering that Skys had previously played in the DarkZero Esports squad from November 2019 to May 2021. However, the 25-year-old American spent the last season at Space Station Gaming. Skys won the North American League – Season 2021 – Stage 3 and participated in the Six Invitational 2022. Hyper has been playing in the DarkZero Esports starting line-up for over three years. The 22-year-old American with Greek roots has won the Six August 2020 Major – North America and the Six Charlotte Major 2022. He also made it to the 10th season of the Pro League – Finals.

North American team DarkZero is currently still playing in the North American League 2022 – Stage 3 Regular Season. DarkZero Esports is seventh with 2 points according to the results of two rounds played. The updated DarkZero Esports Rainbow Six roster looks like this: Ecl9pse, njr, Panbazou, Canadian

sky, Mint and Forceful (training staff) and Hiper (inactive). It is also worth noting that DarkZero has won many awards in various matches, including Six Charlotte Major 2022, Six Invitational 2022, Six Sweden Major 2021, Six Mexico Major 2021, Six Invitational 2021, United States Nationals 2019 and Pro League Season 11 North America. It is no wonder that famous players with huge amounts of wins and many successful matches to their account are returning to the Dark Zero team. It is primarily As an esports organization that brings together the most modern training and development of players to achieve joint success. To stay up-to-date on the team’s current situation, esports fans can visit the official website of the North American team or find the official accounts of individual players on social media.


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