Seven Knights 2 showcases two new legendary heroes and events in its September 2022 global update

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has released a second September 2022 global update for the mobile RPG Seven Knights 2. The update includes new heroes, content, and events, among other things.

The latest update introduces two new playable legendary heroes in Seven Knights 2

Starting today, players can enjoy the new character Abyssal Orochi Kagura (Legendary Hero). This Orochi-ruled attack-type character uses poison skills and becomes more powerful when her HP is low. Players can also obtain Gatekeeper of Purgatory Wolyeong (Legendary Hero). She is a defense-type hero who provokes the enemy to interfere with skill use. Her characteristics include an immediate death effect and a reduced resistance to immediate death.

New content and events feature in the second September 2022 update

To commemorate the second September update, players can take part in several events that offer a variety of rewards.

  • Limited Time: Legendary Kagura Special Event: By completing various in-game missions, players can obtain the new hero Abyssal Orochi Kagura for free.
  • Orochi’s Tooth: Special Crafting Event: Using Orochi Tooth obtained from events and crafting, players can create a variety of Orochi’s equipment, including the Radiant Orochi’s Sword.
  • Kagura & Wolyeong Release Celebration Check-In Event: From September 28th to October 12th, those who check in to the game for 10 days will receive various rewards, including Hero Summon Tickets.
  • Field Exploration: Cursed Shaman Crafting Event: Using Kagura and Wolyeong coins, players can create special items such as Legendary+ Armor Summon Vouchers.

Heroes who have been remade are also included. Four Legendary+ heroes have been remade (Nestra’s Disciple Ming / Knight of Light Rudy / Empress of Aisha Rin / Nestra’s Disciple Shane) and one Legendary hero (Aquila). Players can now enjoy each hero’s more powerful abilities.

Additional information on the latest update in Seven Knights 2 can be found on the official website. Players can also follow Seven Knights 2 social media channels.

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