September 26 Wordle 464: 5-Letter Words Ending With SK

Word puzzle fans who want to kickstart their solving journey might want to look into this guide for some helpful hints relating to today’s Wordle.

Players who have built up long-solving streaks in Wordle will probably already know how easy it can be to mess things up. After all, while players who managed to keep their streaks alive have likely developed their own solving strategies, sometimes, they don’t work on every Wordle puzzle.

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However, being stuck on a difficult Wordle puzzle like today’s needn’t mean that players have to give up on finding the answer right away. Before throwing in the towel, they can look at the tips in the guide below for a few helpful insights that should end up leading them in the right direction.


What It Means

Knowing the definition of a Wordle solution can be a great first step when it comes to solving it. The September 26 Wordleedescribes something that is active or fast and is often used when referring to walking or pacing. Likewise, with that same definition, this might describe an action that is abrupt. Taking this meaning, the word may even refer to something that is inspiring or enlivening.

Technical Clues

Compiling the technical components of a Wordle puzzle can make it much easier for players to solve in the long run. For instance, the technical makeup of a word can provide context clues that players can then use to make more practical guesses and maximize their daily attempts. Here are things to take note of:

  • The word has one syllable
  • This word is an adjective

Suggestions For Starting Words

One way that players can give themselves a headstart in Wordle is by choosing a good starting word. The best Wordle starting words can help players to identify vowels and even some letter positions, which in turn can prevent them from wasting their next few guesses. When looking at today’s Wordle puzzle, some great starting words are:

5-Letter Words Starting With

Knowing some of the words that are similar to a Wordle solution is also a great way to arrive at the correct answer and preserve precious guesses. After all, they can give players better insights into the overall structure of the puzzle’s solution. Those struggling with today’s Wordle will benefit from knowing that it is one of ten five-letter words that end in SK. Here are all of those words, including the answer to Wordle 464:


Wordle is playable via browser.

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