Scribes of Fate Dungeon DLC & Update 37 Live on ESO Public Test Server


Those excited about the upcoming Scribes of Fate and Update 37 can test it out six weeks early.

ESO fans have plenty to look forward to in 2023. The main story arc of Elder Scrolls Online will be taking players back to the marvelous world of Morrowind, with the newest story arc titled Shadow Over Morrowind.

Necrom will serve as ESO’s seventh story chapter and will take players to the Telvanni Pennisula, an iconic locale in Morrowind. Players can expect around 30 hours of story content, two new companions, and a new class, the Arcanist.

But Necrom isn’t set to release until June 2023. To tide players over, Scribes of Fate, a mini PVE dungeon DLC, is coming out in March. Scribes of Fate will contain two new dungeons, Scrivener’s Hall and Bal Sunnar.

Scribes of Fate will add 98 furniture items and ten new armor sets, with five per dungeon. There will be two new monster sets, two new healing sets, two new tanking sets, and four new DPS sets (Two Magicka-based and two Stamina-based). The sets are, of course, subject to changes up until Scribes of Fate’s official release, but you can test them out now. Scribes of Fate and Update 37 are live on the Public Test Server as of January 30.

With the ESO Plus free trial now over, Scribes of Fate will give you something new to do. Scribes of Fate and Update 37 will go live on March 13 for PC and Mac and on March 28 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.



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