Sakurai shares more never-before-seen Super Smash Bros. prototype gameplay

While most of Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube videos have focused on details of actually developing a game, he sometimes stops to dive into the stories behind some of his projects. Today might be the biggest installment in that series yet, as we get to see more about how Super Smash Bros. came to be.

While we’ve all heard the story of Sakurai’s two N64 prototypes, we’ve only gotten to see very small glimpses of the early days of Super Smash Bros.. That changes with today’s video, which gives us brand-new footage of Super Smash Bros.’ N64 prototype. As you might have guessed, this is long before Nintendo’s characters became the roster.

Along with that, we get to hear a bit more about the process of developing Super Smash Bros., some of the challenges that came about in convincing Nintendo to push ahead on the project, and more. All in all, a can’t-miss episode of Sakurai’s YouTube series!

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