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The Saints Row reboot has shown up and gone are the times of the ‘Third Street Saints’. I have been standing by to get into this game since its announcement as I have been an avid fan of the franchise and have thoroughly played all the titles they have pumped out through the years. And thanks to our friends at Express Games, we had the option to get our hands on the game before the release.

Saints Row is a title that can be perceived as a GTA-type title, but is vastly different. The new game isn’t a spin-off of the past titles and is a complete reboot, hence new players shouldn’t be worried prior before buying the title.

The franchise has forever been the world where you experience circumstances that you might have never contemplated in your wildest imaginations. Getting into the game you discover that a large number of the beloved aspects of the series are present in the new title with an entirely different world to cause chaos in. The new Saints comprises of the same trigger friendly boss that is prepared to shoot and kill whatever is breathing.

The new world is an invigorating change for the franchise as they have presented an environment that makes the game enjoyable. The environment has an essence from the past Saints title, however it has added significantly more opportunities and open doors for the player to practice their abilities as a homicide expert. You are likewise the boss of a criminal enterprise who is running several high roller business to keep the empire running.

Players shouldn’t go into this title expecting realistic graphics or next gen gameplay, it is unrealistic in the best way possible. The game follows through on giving the fun component to the players and succeeds in assisting them with being immersed for a really long time. Saints Row brings a ton to the table other than the campaign crusade. The players have the chance to develop their empire in a real sense to eventually assume control over the city of Santo Illeso.

Getting into the game, I had high expectations coming from Saints Row 4. The past title from the franchise was as out there and as over the top as it got. The new title then again got significantly more subtle than the past titles, however it held the nature of humor, engaging combat and a world brimming with potential. The new rambling open world is unquestionably an overhaul from the past titles, and the city of Santo Illeso won’t leave you disheartened.


For starters, I audited the game on the PlayStation 5 and the choices I had were, 1080p Ultra Quality, 1080p Max Framerate, 1440p High Quality, 1440p High Framerate and 2160p UHD/4k. From the get go, I attempted to measure the 4k capacities of the title and played on 2160p Quality Mode. Initially, it was functional, however at that point the stuttering and framerate drops just got too upsetting to even consider working with. At last, I changed to 1440p with high framerate until the end of the game, which was the most agreeable and there was near to no sacrifice on the nature of quality. The smoothness that the game got through this mode helped me not get too annoyed with the rendering time of the environment.

Santo Illeso, the City of Bloodthirsty Criminals

The game starts off strong with the whole Saints package of brutality, blasts and foulness. When you start the game, you are tossed into intense moments, where you figure out how to utilize weapons and different strategies to obliterate your adversaries. The shooting albeit fun, is not so precise as you would like it to be, and it feels much more more spray and pray than exact shooting. The hero is totally customisable, from the face to body to gender to totally cybernetically enhanced prosthetics.

Another Saints Row-esque component that can be found in the game was live tracking of the accomplishments the player completes through his gameplay, like headshots, crotch shots, blasts and more more. There were 5 trouble settings from which you can pick; Tourist, Hustler, Entrepreneur, Sensei and Boss. I played through the journey on Entrepreneur, which made the interactivity not excessively hard to partake in the story and not excessively simple to cruise through the title.

Players will likewise perceive how an open world game in 2022 feels like as the cell phone in the game is the most fundamental apparatus for the player. Through the different applications given to you, the players will be able to go on missions, upgrade their skills, add perks, utilize the camera, see their income, call partners, look at their collectables and share their character creation with the world. Essentially, the cell phone is an outright need for the player to get progress in Saints Row. The game also has an amazing musical playlist filled with big name personalities such as Trippie Redd, Dillon Francis and more.

The players should have to play through a brief prologue before they are thrown into the unforgiving open world. The open world has various, generously sized locations, each having its own theme. The game has a liberally measured map that permits you to visit the poshest and the most metropolitan and technologically progressed regions you have seen, with sagaciously dressed NPCs and the most entrancing vehicles. Then again there is the barren wilderness, country regions, where you see the adjustment of the NPCs mind-set, their dressing, the vehicles they drive and their disposition.

One thing that players ought to know is that the game isn’t quite as visually appealing as you would expect a next-gen title to be. The character designs feel very cartoonish and the environment itself is not the best quality we have seen on this generation of consoles, or even on some previous generation titles. There was no adaptive trigger functionality or use of the new haptic feedback on the DualSense. There was an option to turn it on, but for some reason, it just didn’t work.

The environment can be destroyed to an extent, which is something you experience while passing through the open world. Interestingly, the players won’t reach a dead stop when they slam against trees, all things considered, they will simply go through them. The actual driving feels pretty clunky and the vehicles nearly feel that they are floating in the air. The drifting mechanics are engaging and the players can play out a few serious stunts in the game, yet there is a minor learning curve to adapt to that.

One more traversal method  hat has been added to the franchise is wing suits. The wingsuit traversal method is inconceivably fulfilling and furnishes you with an interesting point of view of the open world. Aerial vehicles are additionally easy to use with oversimplified controls. All vehicles and weapons likewise have unique capacities that should be opened through finishing specific difficulties in the open world. Players can likewise modify their weapons and vehicles with exceptional outfits and moves up to give a superior vibe and execution while utilizing them.

From Foot Soldier to Bossonius

The Plot is pretty much equivalent to the past instalments of the Saints, however this time you are the one to structure the gang with your dearest companions. The protagonist and his flat mates are weary of their old positions and are experiencing difficulty making rent. Every one of the flat mates have a place with various factions in the game, however because of unexpected conditions, they pass on their particular gangs to construct the Saints Criminal Enterprise.

To construct the greatest criminal venture, you want some ‘Mula’ and there are different strategies to acquire that pay. The first thing that players will be acquainted with is Side Hustles, these give the players speedy methods for making some money, however over the long haul, the sum you procure from the Side Hustles is insignificant to other money gets. Part time jobs are fascinating however, there are five sorts; Choplifting, Pony Express, Wingsuit Saboteur, Gotcha Reviews and Riding Shotgun.

Next comes Ventures and this is where the genuine cash is at. Through adventures, the players experience the entire excursion of making a criminal endeavor. However Venture missions truly do give fundamentally more cash than Side Hustle, the genuine cash is in the hourly pay. By finishing Ventures, the player’s hourly pay increments, which permits them to burn through cash on garments, weapons, tattoos and buying more higher paying ventures. Buying Ventures and finishing them is must as certain main missions are locked behind Venture necessities.

There are a plenty of Ventures, each having its own side missions and undertakings to finish. These side missions can get dull at times as it for the most part expects you to drive a vehicle from point A to point B, or kill hordes of foes. However, sometimes these side missions can really shine when they have the player testing out new equipment, finding elements in the open world, performing insurance fraud or creating mayhem through ultimate destruction.

Coming to the story, it begins quite well, with the course of building your own criminal domain looking quite engaging. However, you also have to faces a ton of obstacles and snags in terms of rival gangs, ruling personalities and unforgiving law enforcement. Players will go through an excursion of bringing down these opponent groups and characters to assume control over the whole city of Santo Illeso eventually.

The story is bolting and it will have you wanting a greater amount of the show, shooting, activity and blasts consistently. The despicable characters in the game truly know how to drive up the player the wrong way, so bringing them down gives a tremendously fulfilling feeling. Players will likewise go through a few preposterously choreographed missions and entertaining quick time events. One of the missions had the entire City playing an RPG game and were shooting each other down with Nerf Guns in a pretend battle.

The game also knows how to keep you on your toes by furnishing you with the most unexpected twists and turns in the story. The stakes are always high for the player and they are placed in the most unbelievable circumstances that you would never anticipate. The hero is a homicide machine and that does not go unnoticed, and each time you feel this is the most they can do, they up the level and furnish you with a superior feeling of what a capable executioner they are.

The main issue that I had with the story was the ending as it was really unsurprising and didn’t give as gratifying an encounter as you would hope to complete the title, other than a captivating sequence not long before the end. The game doesn’t end with the story missions however, it anticipates that you should construct all ventures in the city and assume control over the whole of Santo Illeso to make Saints as one of the greatest Criminal Enterprises ever.

By and large the difference in characters and story isn’t too different from the Saints franchise, yet it gives the frantically required  reath of fresh air to the players. It retains the quality of the player being a bossman and always achieving the impossible, but it is also grounded in the fact that the player is nothing without his trusted steeds that guide them in the right direction towards building this empire.

Weapons and Other Methods to Kill

One thing that unsettled me was the weapons from the past titles didn’t make it to the new game. We got to see the likes of the dubstep gun, a black hole machine and a lot more mind boggling weapons in the past title, compared to the past titles, I just got to see two or three cutting edge firearms in the new Saints Row.

Takedowns and Skills are their most recent increments to battle. Takedowns are the most fulfilling approach to killing your foe as it always is something comical or straight up fatality. What’s good is that the developers have added many variations and animations, so it never gets old. Skills are a great development too, and you attain multiple of them by leveling up in the game, but only 4 can be assigned. Players need to build flow to perform takedowns which takes some time. However, this process can be sped up by killing enemies with proficiency such as headshots or groin shots.  kills provided me with just the edge that i needed to save myself from those tight situations.

Perks are also a new addition to the game, which can be unlocked by completing any of the huge bunch of challenges the game has for you to complete in the open world. These challenges range from killing, to stunts, to hit and runs, to hurting yourself and much more. Perk slot need to be unlocked by purchasing them with money, which might be a tad difficult until you reach a certain point in the game.

Companions, Snakes and Foes

The Saints Row establishment is known for the immense range of characters it gives with unusual and broad views of the world. The main characters that you will cooperate with are the hero’s closest companions; Eli, Neenah and Kevin. These characters are likewise his flat mates and have a place with various groups that are available in the game. The interactions are clever and entertaining and will make you grab your stomach, attempting to contain your chuckling.

The hero is the most Alpha person you will see, their answer for everything is continuously shooting up the place. Neenah has a strong sense reasoning and sticks to her morals and codes and one of the best getaway drivers you will come across. Eli is the brains of the gang who provides solutions and guides them in the right direction towards building the Saints, he detests violence is guns but somehow he always finds his way in the cross paths of the most violent showdowns. Kevin is more of the fun companion that is ready do to almost anything that you suggest, no matter how wild it gets.  

The new Saints Row title is an experience that should not be missed out. It is a new take on the franchise and provides the player with a gratifying experience and a considerable upgrade from the previous titles. The only issue was that the game did not take advantage of the next gen technologies and provide the players with a visual treat in the game. However, one of the main requirement for purchasing a title is the fun element and Saints Row is jam packed with that. The bugs and glitches can also get extremely annoying at times, but there was nothing that couldn’t be solved through patchers. Saints Row is a game with immense potential and room to be a lot better.

The new Saints Row title is an experience that should not be missed out. It is a new take on the franchise and provides the player with a gratifying experience and a considerable upgrade from the previous titles. The only issue was that the game did not take advantage of the next gen technologies and provide the players with a visual treat in the game. However, one of the main requirement for purchasing a title is the fun element and Saints Row is jam packed with that. The bugs and glitches can also get extremely annoying at times, but there was nothing that couldn’t be solved through patchers. Saints Row is a game with immense potential and room to be a lot better.


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